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3 Ways To Prevent Getting Hepatitis



Hepatitis c

Hepatitis is a common disease that affects your liver. There are different forms of Hepatitis, with the most popular strands being A, B, and C. While each disease is different, they are pretty common in their symptoms and incubation period.

Catching the virus through bodily fluids or blood typically spreads Hepatitis A, B, and C. In most cases, hepatitis can disappear on its own, but in some chronic cases, hepatitis can lead to more severe diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver or the need for a liver transplant.

In order to protect yourself from catching hepatitis, it’s important that you make smart decisions and constantly protect yourself from sharing blood or bodily fluids with other people. The following are three ways to keep yourself protected from catching hepatitis.

1. Don’t handle the blood or feces of other people.

If you come into contact with the blood of someone that has hepatitis, you run the risk of contracting the disease. If you work in the healthcare industry, or if you need to perform basic first aid on someone that is bleeding, it’s always best to wear latex gloves while doing so. This will keep you from getting blood onto your hands or having it touch an open wound of yours.

Hepatitis A can also be spread through fecal matter, so you want to make sure that you are never handling feces without protective gloves. If you need to wipe the butt of a child that has Hepatitis A, you need to make sure that you always wash your hands with soap and warm water immediately after doing so.

2. Don’t have unprotected sex.

Hepatitis can also be spread through bodily fluids, including semen. If you have unprotected sex with an infected partner, you can contract the disease too. You should always wear protection when engaging in sexual activity with new sexual partners or sexual partners that are infected.

If you are having sex with someone who has hepatitis, you should also refrain from having any oral sex, as you could also contact the disease orally. Even mouth-to-anal oral sex can lead to catching Hepatitis A, as the fecal matter could make its way into your mouth.

3. Don’t share needles.

If you use needles for any reason, such as drug use, tattoos, or injecting medication, it’s extremely important that you don’t share your own needles with other people and that you don’t use someone else’s needle. Needles are shot directly into the bloodstream, and if your needle touches the blood of an infected person and you use it, you could easily infect yourself. If you use needles for medicinal purposes, make sure that you clean them thoroughly and store them away from anyone else. If you are getting a tattoo, make sure that you see the tattoo artist open a brand new needle from the package.  Taking these extra precautions will help keep you safe.

By using these tips, you will be taking preventative measures from contracting any form of hepatitis.