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Dead Behind The Wheel – Are Long Commutes Killing Your Health



Recent research reveals that motorists with long commutes each day are at risk of being hit with a string of different health hazards that can negatively affect their quality of life. Here are just a few of the dangers you face if you continue with this difficult lifestyle of long periods on the road each day.


Remaining in a seated position with only your arms and leg moving can lead to added pounds around the belly. Plus, most of us end up munching on fast food and drinking energy drinks to keep awake on a long drive. With inactivity and poor diet, you are looking at an excess weight that can balloon to obesity over a short period of time.

For those who are already concerned with diabetes, careers involving long hours of driving can be a bad fit. To counteract this issue make sure to take breaks every 1-2 hours to stretch your legs and get some exercise. Also, cut out those Monster drinks and pack a lunch instead of hitting the closest Taco Bell.


Anyone here heard of road rage? Then what you need to understand that the tendency of motorists to lash out in the middle of the road is primarily triggered by stress. Navigating through a traffic-jammed road after a difficult day at work can push anyone to the extremes.

Top that off with hunger and back pain, and any driver could be ready to snap. Road rage is the culprit behind many traffic accidents, fistfights, and even death. It can also lead to an array of psychological problems that can affect how a person thinks and feels.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Rushing to go home only to find yourself stranded in the middle of the road can lead to high blood pressure and palpitations that are bad for your heart. Recent studies also reveal a higher prevalence of hypertension among bus and truck drivers who spend more than 8 hours each day on the road.

Make sure that you are monitoring your blood pressure and seeing a doctor annually so that you can talk about ways to reduce your chances of having heart problems in the future.

Eye Strain

When driving for long periods at a time, your eyes will naturally give in to fatigue which can lead to eyesight problems. In fact, visual impairments are to blame for the number of car crashes and accidents on the road.

If you are already experiencing itching or burning sensation in your eyes coupled with blurred vision, headaches, and difficulty driving at night, then it would be best to see your eye doctor and steer clear of the road until you get your eyesight back.

Body Fatigue

Pains in the leg, back, shoulders, and hips are common passengers for long commute drivers today as reported in And if driving is what you do for a living, then your body is facing double the strain. Remaining in a stationary position for a long time can tense up your body triggering a bevy of aches that can impact your performance on the road.

Safety while driving is always a primary concern. Beyond basic smart driving skills, it is important to properly address any health problems that may arise from your daily commute.