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Don’t Seek Out Cheap Rhinoplasty



Of all the types of cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is certainly one of the most common. The procedure is used mainly for elective reasons, but can also be used to handle medical concerns as well. No matter the case, insurance rarely covers the surgery and it can be quite expensive. Because of the high cost, some people look for extremely low priced surgeons in an attempt to save money. Some even go to other countries in an attempt to find the lowest cost surgery possible. However, there are numerous reasons why this is a very bad idea.

It’s Your Nose and It’s Permanent

The whole purpose of rhinoplasty is to give you a more pleasing nose or to correct current issues with your nose. If the surgery is done wrong, the consequences could be devastating. Of course, you could get poor results, which will lead to a worse-looking nose or even scar tissue forming. For some people, botched rhinoplasty can lead to extreme difficulty breathing, and they may have to breathe through their mouths for the rest of their life.

Remember that your nose is not going anywhere. It is on your face permanently, and if you choose a cheap or subpar surgeon, you could be taking a big risk that can’t necessarily be repaired.

The Complications Could Be Very Dangerous

Often, the extremely low-cost surgeons will not provide proper recovery and aftercare. Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a serious and real operation. If the recovery is not managed properly and the aftercare is not professional, then you could suffer from severe complications, like:

  • Infection
  • Sepsis
  • Complications from swelling
  • Severe scar tissue

A severe case of infection can actually become fatal if it isn’t handled properly. You certainly don’t want to take your life in your hands just to have a cosmetic procedure.

If You Go Foreign, Then You Won’t Have Legal Recourse

As mentioned, some people may go to a foreign country just to save money on cosmetic procedures. If you do this, you could face many serious problems, and if the procedure goes wrong, then you won’t have anything you can do. In other words, you can’t take legal action against a surgeon who did poor quality work. You could be stuck with a bad nose job and nothing to do about it.

Additional Procedures Costs Big Money

If you do go for a cheap procedure and you didn’t get the results you expected, then you will have to pay even more money to get corrective surgeries. In the end, you could actually spend more money trying to correct the damage that was done than you would have spent if you just went to a quality surgeon in the first place.

Payment Options

As you can now see, looking for a cheap rhinoplasty surgeon is a big mistake. The results could be permanently damaging and you could become very ill. You could even spend more money than you thought you would. Instead, choose a quality surgeon to do the work. If the cost is more than you can manage, most surgeons will offer payment plans. This way, you can make your procedure more affordable.

If you want rhinoplasty surgery, don’t seek out the cheapest option. If you do, then you could face terrible consequences. If you want to ensure your nose looks its best, but you can’t afford the big cost, work out payment plans with a quality surgeon. This way, you won’t have to pay for everything at once.