Infertility Leads To Depression

Anyone who is unable to conceive can tell you that it is a very painful and stressful situation to be in. It make one question their self worth, it changes one way of seeing and feeling about the future, things that were meaningful all of a sudden don’t mean anything anymore, all hope and dreams one had about becoming a biological mother or father start to disappear, this infertility situation can even make one question their faith, existence and everything one once believe to be true and the consequences of all these can lead to depression.

For people who have a pre- existing psychiatric illness or depression, they are more likely to have their illnesses made worse by an infertility diagnosis, people who have never suffer from psychiatric condition are more likely disposed to developing depression and anxiety while going through infertility.

Medical research and study concluded that women who have been detected with infertility feels distressed and disheartened just like people who have been diagnosed with hypertension, aids, cancer and other major sicknesses.

The aftereffect or consequences of infertility treatments include spending a lot of money for treatments even worse if our insurance cannot cover you for extended treatments to can end up falling into major debts, it also can cause a lot of issues to one’s relationship and what even worse is the unpredictability of treatments outcomes all throws in more infertility stress. Suffering with depression is incredibly difficult and painful. However, the other most difficult position is experienced by the person trying to help or love their love one experiencing depression.

How can I tell if I have or someone I know has depression? Below are 3 common symptoms of depression:

Long drawn out sadness – We are talking about one being sad for one day. We are talking about weeks and months of sadness. This condition may seem quite simple to treat but in reality, it takes more than a little cheering up to indeed cure depression.

Sleeping problems – This can range from one sleeping too much or just one not being able to sleep at all.

Giving up in life – This can vary from you not wanting to be around people or at times even failing to find pleasure in things that you once loved.

Lacks of motivation – This condition often take out  joy, self believe or that normal drive out of a person to do just about anything in life and leave them in a state where one feels de-motivated and end up feeling like there is no reason to do anything.

If you are feeling any of the listed symptoms due to infertility just remember you are not the first nor the last be courageous, seek professional help or consult a nearest fertility clinic in South Africa in immediately. Depression may rob you of motivation; don’t let it rob you of your life.

Sara is a nurse at a leading fertility clinic in South Africa

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