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The Top 6 Health Blogs In The UK



The world of technology has moved a lot. Previously, advice on topics related to health was either shared in health journals or on TV. Everything has moved online, however. Nowadays most of the health-related organizations either have a website or a blog. Here, are the top health blogs found in the UK.

One: PsyBlog

The website is all about studies into how the mind works. It was founded by Jeremy Dean in 2004, and he is also the author. The blog receives more than one million hits every month from 700,000unique visitors. The topics that this blog covers include:
• Self-control
• How the brain works
• Psychology and work
• How to enhance creativity

The author started out as a lawyer and then got a job in the internet industry. However, he left this behind for a degree in psychology. E is now working towards a doctorate.

Two: a boy with Asperger’s

This is one of the most inspirational health blogs around. The author is a mother of three kids. The eldest of the kids has Asperger’s. The author started the blog to try and document her life as a mom with a kid suffering from Asperger’s. Besides that, she discusses and creates autism and living with a person suffering from it.

Three: Sara Boseley’s global health blog

Sara Boseley is an editor at the guardian. In addition to being an editor, she decided to set up a blog that would deal with health issues affecting the globe in general. She has received several awards for her work on HIV and Aids especially in Africa. She has also received a Lorenzo Natali award. The blog has a great readership and is among the top-visited blogs monthly in the country.

Four: where are my knees?

This blog is co-authored by six authors. Each of the authors has their own health subtopics to tackle. Generally, they deal with issues related to weight loss and healthy living. Other topics that are also covered in this blog include how to dress right for your body shape, recipes, and other tips on healthy and stress-free living. The blog has a little over 800 members but receives thousands more unique followers every month.

Five: confessions of a serial insomniac

Started in May 2009, Confessions of a Serial Insomniac has grown into one of the best mental health blogs in the country. The main issues that are normally discussed on this blog include the mental well-being of its readers and general wellness. The blog has won several awards as one of the best mental health

Six: maternity matters

This is the best blog that tackles matters that are related to maternity life, birth trauma, and all that information connected to pregnancy and healthy childbirth and care. It emphasizes the rights of all pregnant women and advises them on the kind of treatment that they ought to get from the healthcare providers. Its authors and sponsors are the birth trauma association.

Those are the top health blogs in the country. They are the places where one can get the latest news on physical and mental health in the country.