Common Causes of a Skin Allergy and How to Treat it

Anyone that sufferers from a skin allergy that is presently reading this article will nod their heads vigorously when I say that it is thought of as one of the worst due to the symptoms that are experienced. You see the most common symptoms are based around a rash that is often red, swollen and itchy. In severe cases the sufferer will experience hives, which certainly add to the misery. There are a surprising number of common causes of skin allergy, some of which I have listed below, that account for the majority of outbreaks. If you happen to suffer from a skin allergy (hudallergi is the term in Danish) there are also things that you can do at the first sign of the rash to limit the severity of it. A skin allergy is horrible but a little more knowledge will help ensure that it does not run your life for you.

Common Causes

– Fragrances and make up are a very common cause of skin allergy. The fragrance will normally create a rash where it has come into contact with the skin but the make up can cause a rash on the eye lids, swollen and cracked lips, swollen and weeping eyes, etc. Many sufferers either have to choose the natural look and avoid make up and fragrance altogether or visit one of the specialist stores to purchase products suitable for skin allergy.

– Nickel is a metal that is often mixed with others and used in the production of jewelry, buttons, belt buckles and so on. Even those wearing a pair of gold earrings may find that they have a reaction because nickel may have been mixed in with the gold in the production process.

– Latex is something that is found in many of the products that we use and wear and quite surprisingly is a common allergen. People that have a skin allergy or irritation will often wear latex gloves when handling products or cleaning, but they could be causing a worse reaction than the products that they are trying to avoid.

As I mentioned briefly above, there are steps that you should take at the first sign of your skin allergy symptoms appearing that will help.

Firstly you need to wash your hands thoroughly in hot water to ensure you don’t have any of the allergen on them. Next use a hypoallergenic cleaner and a sterile pad and gently wipe over the area where the rash has appeared. Rinse in clean water and then gently pat dry with another sterile pad. Avoid using towels in case it was the washing powder that caused the outbreak.

Next apply a cortisone cream to the affected area and allow it to soak in properly before putting any clothing or material against the skin. If you do not have cortisone cream to hand then use something that is cooling and hypoallergenic or fragrance free, something like an aloe vera after-sun gel will help.

Take an anti-histamine tablet to stop your body’s reaction to the allergen but make sure that you don’t take one that will make you drowsy in the middle of the day if you have to leave the house.

Finally go and see your doctor as soon as you can and ask them to carry out an allergy test so you can find out your particular allergen and ensure that you avoid it in the future.

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