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The Advantages Of The E-Cigarette



With the rise in popularity of the e-cigarette, as well as the increasing amount of “bad press” about traditional cigarettes, many people are now looking towards smoking e-cigarettes as the potentially healthier and better means of getting their fix. We all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes and second-hand smoke, but the question remains: are e-cigarettes really healthier than traditional cigarettes?

While it is true that there is no such thing as a safe cigarette, electronic or otherwise, there is evidence to show that e-cigarettes are a better choice for smokers. What follows are just a number of the benefits associated with e-cigarettes that one cannot obtain by traditionally smoking.

Vaporizing Means No Second-Hand Smoke

One of the biggest downfalls of smoking is the negative effects it can have on others. We all know of the negative risks associated with exposure to second-hand smoke but are at a loss as to what to do. With an electronic cigarette, second-hand smoke is a thing of the past. Unlike traditional cigarettes, an electronic cigarette utilizes vaporization, meaning that there is little to no smoke as a byproduct of smoking. This means that one can enjoy smoking almost anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about bothering other people with their smoke.

Another added benefit of vaporization, as opposed to the way traditional cigarettes burn, is that there is no smell. This means that one’s home, person, and clothing does not always have to smell like an ashtray.

Fewer Additives and A Purer Smoking Experience
Traditional cigarettes do not just contain nicotine and the occasional menthol flavoring, they are loaded down with harsh additives and chemicals designed to make the cigarette burn slower, among other things. In the case of electronic cigarettes, one can cut out a lot of the so-called filler that is in many regular cigarettes. E-liquids, the means by which nicotine and/or flavorings are delivered, are comprised of pure nicotine and/or flavorings, suspended in a food-grade liquid. This means a more pure smoking experience without all the chemicals associated with traditional cigarette smoking.

For those who wish to reduce their exposure to the additives so common in traditional cigarettes, and to be able to enjoy a more pure smoking experience, the electronic cigarette is the ideal choice. Only quality nicotine and flavorings are used in e-liquids.

With so many new rules and regulations limiting the places it is acceptable to smoke, as well as the known risk factors associated with traditional cigarettes, many are looking towards the electronic cigarette as a suitable alternative. With an e-cigarette, one doesn’t have to make others suffer the risks of second-hand smoke in order for them to enjoy an after-meal cigarette, nor do they have to resign themselves to a life of smelling like an ashtray. Electronic cigarettes offer a more pure smoking experience, providing the nicotine and/or flavorings one desires, without all the harsh additives and chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.