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Your One-Day Home Makeover – How To Be A New You Tomorrow



When you hear the word makeover, you tend to think of those makeover shows that involve lengthy montages of painful and invasive procedures and result in completely new looks that render the participants’ families speechless and quite often in tears.

In reality, though, a makeover needn’t be a big deal. A makeover actually is something that you can do yourself in no time at all, and in fact, it’s something you should do regularly. Most of us tend to fall into far too much of a routine when it comes to our look and our morning routines and we end up sporting the same look for years on end until age dictates that we need to change the way we dress. We become attached to our look, and we never even consider changing our appearance, but this can end up meaning we fall into a rut not just in our appearance but also in the way we view ourselves and what we expect to get out of life.

Changing your appearance and making yourself over is something that can completely change the way others view you and really give you a shot in the arm in terms of noticeability and confidence. You’ll have gone into to work every day for the last year looking identical, so if you come in sporting an all-new look it’s going to make people stand up and take notice. Even if that look isn’t inherently ‘better’ than your old one, you’re going to be more interesting to people simply for making the bold decision to try something new.

So how can you do all that in a night or a weekend? Here we’ll look at how to quickly and effortlessly transform your look for the better.

Cosmetic Procedures

Okay so I said that you didn’t need any painful or invasive procedures, but that’s not to say that cosmetic procedures are completely out of the question. There are many quick services you can employ you see that will effortlessly and painlessly transform your look in a single session and many of these are subtle but far-reaching in their impact. A great example for instance is to book yourself in for veneers which are ceramic facades that attach to the front of your teeth, and which can completely change your smile for the better. Failing that why not just try teeth whitening? Or maybe going to a tanning salon or using a laser treatment? You’ll feel like a new man or woman, and your face will back you up.


Making a bold move with your hair takes guts, but it will really change your look in a way that won’t cost the Earth. The most dramatic changes you can make are to cut off any long hair, to get extensions if you have short hair, or to dye your hair a different color. This will change the whole appearance of your face, and you may just discover a ‘do’ that works your features much better. Women also have the option of curling or straightening their hair; and men, why not consider growing (or shaving) that bear?


This one only really applies to women, but it can be very effective in easily changing your look. Again the keyword is being BOLD so think about something you can do that you wouldn’t normally dare. Perhaps that means wearing bright red lipstick, or perhaps it means giving yourself smoky cat eyes?

Your Clothes

With your clothes it’s once again easy to change your look, but only if you think outside the box and get outside your normal routine. There are a few ways to do this, so consider doing a ‘swap shop’ with a friend or partner (where you each choose the clothes the other one has to buy), or just setting out the mission to buy clothes in a color that you don’t currently have.

You can even just try swapping clothes with a close friend and seeing what they have that looks good on you. Something that can look great on lots of people at work is to put on a casual jacket, while when you’re out and about why not try a big jumper, or maybe something a bit more figure-hugging than you’d normally wear?