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The Effects of Stress On Your Smile



Stress can be overwhelming and it can actually hurt your health. There are methods to help your stress less and feel good more.

Go Outside

Go for a quick run, maybe take your dog for a long walk or even just stretch your body. Exercise can help you feel better because it releases endorphins which is a natural stress buster and feel-good energy. But when you exercise outdoors your mood will improve even more. Nature has a way of balancing the mind.

Breathe Deeply

Take a deep breath. Taking a breath and stopping at the moment can help you feel more centered rather quickly. It will reduce stress. All you do is step away from the situation. Close your eyes and breath in and breathe out.

Breathing deeply is one of the best tools to reduce stress which is why many people who practice yoga are less stressed. Yoga is grounded in deep breathing meditation.

Play Music

Listening to your favorite music can help. Music has a wonderful way of helping you feel better and more relaxed. Make a playlist that you love and you’ll feel better instantly when you listen to it. You can even stand up and dance around to let that stress out.

Some experts even say making a special playlist such as “don’t sweat the stress” can help you feel better by listening to music designed to help you remove stress.

Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier can help you feel as if you have more time during the day. Even an extra 15 minutes in the morning will help you feel more balanced and less stressed.

However, when you first wake up you don’t want to jump straight to emails or check your phone. Instead, breathe deeply and be thankful for your day. Sitting up in your bed and feeling thankful can help.

Smile optimistic people have a positive outlook on life and they most often feel better.

People who are happy, make everyone around them feel better as well. If you are feeling stressed out, simply be optimistic and smile. Yes, even stress will fade away. If you are insecure about your smile, you can visit the dentist, they will help you. There are many procedures in place such as cosmetic dentistry to help you have confidence when you smile.