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The Perfect Recipe For The Detox Master Cleanse



One diet that is gaining popularity in the media as of late is the master cleanse diet. The perfect recipe for the detox master cleanse is as follows.


For a single serving:

  • Combine 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice,
  • 2 tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup,
  • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder,
  • Ten ounces of filtered water

Although this might not sound too appetizing, it does contain all the nutrients your body needs to survive on the drink mixture for 10 straight days. You may drink as much of it as you want during the day.

First, you will need 10 ounces of pure filtered water. This is very important that it be pure filtered water and not some other kind of water. Often overlooked as being able to be substituted, pure filtered water is the most important ingredient if you want to cleanse your body. The normal practice is to add chlorine to drinking water in order to get rid of contaminants. Chlorine isn’t all that good for your body and you should be careful not to drink too much water that contains it.

You may be thinking about using bottled water instead. Now, this isn’t a good choice either because first of all it can be pricey, and second of all the manufacturing process for bottled water isn’t very well regulated. That being said, the bottled water you buy might simply be tap water. This surprised me greatly as one who used to only drink bottled water. In order to obtain all the benefits of the master cleanse drink it is vitally important to use pure filtered water. You can buy this filtered water at your local grocery store or you may choose to invest in your own filter that you can have in the comfort of your own home.

Second, you will add two tablespoons of Grade B Organic Maple Syrup. Be sure to make sure that it is Formaldehyde free. This syrup has been said to contain many compounds that are very good for human health. Among these compounds include phenolics which are very powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against cancer, diabetes, and other bacterial infections. It will also help to give your body the energy it needs during the 10 days fast.

Third, you will need 1/10th teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper. This powerful ingredient is known for its anti-irritant properties, it is an anti-cold & flu agent, its anti-allergen properties and it being a digestive aid. Most importantly it speeds up your metabolism and suppresses hunger. Fourth, you will need to add two tablespoons of organic lemon juice. Don’t under any circumstance use concentrated lemon juice. That is loaded with sugar and preservatives. If you need to substitute something, just get a regular non-organic lemon. The lemons give a lot of great nutrients your body needs.

Lastly, you will need sea salt. Make sure this is unrefined and not iodized. Believe it or not, the salt is used in this solution as a laxative.

Follow this recipe and you’ll be successful in the cleanse.