Living in Balance: A Holistic Approach to Aging Gracefully

As a society, we are trained to think that once we reach a certain age, we will no longer be able to do the things we love. We are told that growing older will mean sickness, weakness and a general lack of fun in our lives, but there is no reason that this has to be true. These days, many older people are embracing their age and finding a deep sense of well-being through a healthy holistic approach.

Exercise Protects Both the Body and the Mind

You probably already know that exercise is good for you, but did you know that it can affect your aging mind as much as it does your body? New research suggests that staying physically active over the course of your life may help you avoid age-related brain shrinkage, which has been linked to memory loss. Not only that, but exercise can also offset some of the damage from motor neuron loss which typically occurs with getting older. With this knowledge many assisted living centers are incorporating a more balanced approach to compassionate care by including fitness classes. Experts agree that exercise is one of the most powerful tools available for staying young and strengthening your body and mind.

Anti-Aging Diet for Energy and Vitality

As with exercise, it’s already a well-known fact that eating right has the power to make you feel good. However, with all of the diet recommendations out there and so many different foods to choose from, it can be very difficult to know what “eating right” actually is. If you want to eat healthy, your best bet is to focus on balance and abundance instead of harsh limits and restriction. Colorful fruits and vegetables are not only tasty, but they also contain antioxidants that can reduce age-related damage on a cellular level. Fish is another anti-aging diet superstar, as research is showing that it can reduce your risk of stroke, protect against heart attacks and even lower your chances of experiencing dementia. Lastly, don’t forget to include nuts and seeds in your diet, as they contain healthy fats that will compliment the fish and give you even more protection.

Yoga Can Increase Mindfulness and Flexibility

Yoga is great for all ages, but it is especially beneficial for older people who are experiencing muscle stiffness. The stretching and deep breathing involved can increase your immunity; give you more vitality and even help fight against premature aging. Some even claim that their hearing and vision improve after committing to a yoga practice, perhaps because of the increase in circulation. Even more important, it can bring you mindfulness, which will give your life meaning. Many people suffer from depression due to the downfalls of growing older, and yoga can restore a positive and enthusiastic emotional state.

If you are moving toward your later years, practicing these holistic healthy lifestyle tips will increase your longevity and happiness. If you or someone you love is in need of living assistance, and you are concerned about care and quality of life, consider finding senior-living facility that focuses on holistic care.

Ieda Vincent is amazed by the healthy options her parents are practicing in their golden years and contributes this article to encourage seniors to pursue wholesome choices regarding their well-being. Impressive assisted living centers strive to incorporate a variety of techniques that enhance the overall health and welfare of their residents.  They consistently review their services in order to maintain a level of quality for all that reside.

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