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The Benefits of Lingual Braces



A smile is one of the most effective weapons in your social arsenal. Possessing a strong set of pearly whites can help form strong relationships, set up a strong attraction, or ease a tense situation. Now, everyone needs a little support being that achieving a glowing grin can take some work. Traditional braces offer a number of orthodontic benefits, but many people feel there is a stigma present, especially when they interfere with one’s lifestyle. Fortunately, there a number of alternatives available to aid in teeth straightening, in an effective and discreet manner.

Before considering any cosmetic alterations for your teeth, ask yourself “Do I need braces?” Consult your orthodontist first. Once agreed upon, they will take a few X-rays and thoroughly examine your jaw to identify any issues. A common issue is a malocclusion, which can cause self-esteem issues among those affected.  Unfortunately, oftentimes the idea of needing braces on the front of the teeth for correction can further these self-esteem issues.

Lingual, or hidden braces, are a perfect alternative to the traditional form. These braces are placed behind the teeth, ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing look. Lingual braces do not have to be removed when eating, which other alternatives to traditional braces, like Invisalign, require. Incognito braces are very popular amongst patients within the world of lingual orthodontics, and with good reason. These braces are completely customized for each patient, ensuring that they have the most effective treatment possible.

Another benefit of these hidden helpers is that patients see results in as little as six months. If patients consider this an ideal tool to correct their smile, an important thing to consider is that not all orthodontists specialize in this procedure. Just like any procedure, important research should be conducted to make sure patients have a clear understanding of what this involves. Based on the information provided by your orthodontist, you can then decide on the next steps. If you are in a position where teeth correction is necessary, but traditional dental braces would inhibit your lifestyle or profession, you may be a perfect candidate for hidden braces.

For any cosmetic procedure, a patient needs to head into it with an open mind. Factors such as price and benefits are important to consider, especially when dealing with your teeth. A great smile can make a difference in numerous social setting, and lingual braces are a surefire way to ensure you have the best smile imaginable, without drawing attention to the metal in your mouth.