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Avoid Tobacco Smoke with Electronic Cigarette



Cigarette smoking is the cause of a lot of diseases and ailments. Smoke from the tobacco cigarette has more than 5000 thousand harmful chemicals, consumed by the smoker every time he smokes a cigarette. Chemicals released in the smoke have carcinogenic properties, which can cause cancer. A large part of these chemicals is toxic in nature, causing detrimental effects on your health. Due to the harmful nature of cigarette smoking, it is categorized as the biggest cause of preventable death in the world. If you love to smoke but do not want to have negative health effects then buy ego-c atomizer. The electronic cigarette is capable of giving smokers the taste and pleasure of the cigarette puff but it won’t harm your health in any way.

Smoking a tobacco cigarette can cause cancer of the esophagus, lung, kidney, bladder, stomach, and leukemia, nose, cervical, ovarian, and in some extreme cases breast cancer as well. Moreover, it is the lung and mouth which has to suffer a lot due to cigarette smoking. Traditional cigarette also consists of tar and carbon monoxide, both are known for the detrimental health effects. Tar contains most of the cancer-causing chemicals, harmful to the lungs. When a person smokes up to 70% of the tar remains in the lung, causing harm to it.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cig is a safer option for regular smokers. It is free from tar and does not have any tobacco giving out harmful chemicals. The e-cig supply will have a cartridge, atomizer, and the battery with a charger. Electronic puff not at all like the traditional smoke hence does not give rise to any detrimental health effects. Instead of the tobacco, an electronic cigarette contains nicotine liquid, which is mainly water-based hence the smoker is not consuming anything harmful. The liquid in the e-cig supply contains nicotine, flavor, smoking agent, water, and few other ingredients having up to 11 chemicals, a much safer bet then the 5000 harmful chemicals present in the traditional puff.

Traditional puffs are also responsible for the second-hand smoke. Hence it can have harmful effects on the people around the smoker, who is actually not smoking. The electronic cigarette is free from it as well, as they do not give out any sort of detrimental effects on anyone. Buy your smoke from online e-cig websites at a discounted price.