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Reasons to Choose Non-Tobacco Chew



 Smokeless tobacco and nontobacco chew are chewing tobacco alternatives designed to help chewers reduce or eliminate their nicotine consumption. Smokeless tobacco is both tobacco and nicotine-free and is made from a combination of herbs, oils, and sweeteners. Non-tobacco chew pouches are made from grains and herbs.

Tobacco chew is already smokeless in nature, but non-tobacco chew is smoke-free and nicotine-free too. It offers a way for chewers and dippers to continue to enjoy the experience of chewing tobacco without nicotine consumption. Although it doesn’t mimic the taste of chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco-free chew has its own great taste and comes in a variety of flavors.

Help reduce or eliminate nicotine consumption and addiction. Many chewers want to quit their addiction to nicotine but don’t want to stop chewing, and that’s the major benefit that brings most chewers to trying a chewing tobacco alternative. Many chewers who make the switch discover that they prefer the taste and convenience of tobacco-free chew over nicotine chew.

 None of the bad stuff. Tobacco juice, chemicals used in the growing process, nicotine, and synthetic additives found in tobacco chew all cause increased health risks when consumed over time. Tobacco-free chew offers a natural alternative that can be consumed safely for long-term use.

 Improved flavor. Many tobacco chew users discover that they enjoy and even prefer the taste and variety of flavors that tobacco-free chew has to offer, in addition to limiting their use of tobacco and providing an alternative experience to the one they’ve become accustomed to over the years.

 Enjoy the act of chewing tobacco without the risks. In addition to great taste, a major benefit of tobacco-free chew is that people who want to quit nicotine don’t have to quit using chew. Chewers can still enjoy the chew experience whenever they want, whether it’s in a social setting, in public, as a break from work, or a ritual to look forward to at the beginning or end of a day.

 Nontobacco chew pouches are easy to use and discreet. Plant-based, herbal tobacco chew doesn’t have the same consistency as tobacco chew, so it’s added to food-grade consumable pouches that easily tuck inside your lip. Pouches make tobacco-free chew convenient, easy to use, and discreet.

 No need to spit. Although many tobacco-free chew users do choose to spit, it isn’t necessary. The juice can be safely ingested for discreet consumption at any time or place you feel the need to take an herbal dip.