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How To Stay Fit Without Technically Working Out



We are bombarded by images of the body beautiful. They stare out at us, often in the form of tabloid images of celebrities on magazine covers, which we flip through as we wait in line at the supermarket (usually next to chocolates and cigarettes).

It’s True: Finding Time for The Gym is Hard!

After sitting in our offices for at least 8 hours a day, very few of us have the energy to go to a gym and sweat on a treadmill while a sculpted personal trainer barks motivational phrases at us. Is it any wonder that so many of us opt for the calorific comfort of takeout food and an evening in front of the TV? While it can be difficult to find the motivation and time to go to the gym for a proper workout, there are many opportunities for exercise in our daily lives, and they’re all very easy to incorporate into our schedules.

Take The Stairs

This one is a no brainer. Yes, the elevator will get you to your floor quickly and easily, but just think of how toned your legs will be after a few weeks of climbing the stairs to your office. You might not be so interested in climbing the stairs if you work on the 80th floor, but there’s always a way to compromise. Climb a portion of the way, and then catch the elevator. You might arrive at work red-faced and wheezing for the first few days, but that will quickly pass as your physical fitness improves.

Think About Where You Park Your Car

Rather than drive up and down the narrow lanes of a parking lot, looking for the nearest park to the entrance of the supermarket or shopping mall, park far away from the entrance and walk. Yes, of course, you’ll have to cart your shopping all the way back to the car, but controlling a heavy shopping cart is an amazing way to tone your upper body. You should always be sensible when parking and walking; it’s not wise to park in the far corner of a dimly lit parking lot when doing some late night shopping.

Maybe Your Family Needs a New Member?

This is never a decision that should be made lightly, but maybe you could think about getting a dog. However, remember that a dog is for life, not just for getting a bikini body. But if your family situation is one that would welcome a dog, then it’s certainly something to consider. Not only will you get years of loyal companionship, but you’ll also get a hairy child that needs a brisk walk each day. Sometimes it can be tempting to be lazy and just lie on the couch with your dog, but a dog can also guilt you into exercise. You actually begin to feel bad if you deprive them of the unadulterated joy they get from a simple walk.

Ditch The Car

This isn’t always appropriate, but some cities are wonderfully bike-friendly, and for short trips, it can be quicker and easier to travel by bike. You might be lucky enough to live in a city with dedicated bike lanes, and these make bike travel a breeze. Be sure to check your local helmet laws, as the money you save on gas can be lost to a fine.

There are many simple ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life, and this is the best way to achieve fitness with a minimum of effort: to actually make it part of your daily life, so to a certain extent, you don’t even realize you’re exercising! If only everything in life was that simple…