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Healthiest Ways To Smoke Tobacco



This topic wouldn’t go well with the purists of the anti-tobacco organizations for they have been waging a battle against the usage of tobacco for a long time now. The history of the anti-smoking agenda dates back to the 1950s when there was a widespread awareness among people on the smoking hazards and efforts were made by researchers like Philip Morris to find an alternative for smoking tobacco. Filter cigarettes are by itself an alternative that was found in the 1960s to combat the health issues caused by tobacco.

A variety of other alternatives have also been sought – like developing synthetic tobacco, introducing selective filtration of toxic substances, and removal of carcinogenic compounds from tobacco by cigarette companies themselves, keeping their customers well being in mind. But with most of these alternatives ending up in causing a different problem altogether, there were various hurdles in the development of healthier ways to smoke tobacco until the beginning of the 20th century. The 1990s saw the emergence of new technologies which have resulted in some success stories with respect to finding alternatives for tobacco smoking. They are:

High tech cigarettes

These cigarettes made incidence in the 1990s as a result of serious research on finding healthier alternatives for tobacco smoking. The cigarettes were said to possess specialized properties like low nicotine and also reduction of tobacco to mere pellets which when heated produced reduced smoke and ash and was considered to decrease the risk of cancer.

Smokeless cigarettes

Then came another alternative of smokeless cigars, which was said to decrease second-hand smoke by nearly 80 to 95 %. In the case of smokeless cigarettes, the tobacco was in a different formula which in no way gets burned as a result of which there is no smoke at all whatsoever. All that a smoker gets to experience is the tobacco flavor with no ash and smoke.

Digital Vaporizers

The entire idea of healthier smoking of tobacco has got its redemption with the emergence of digital vaporizers. All that a smoker does is, inhale the vapor vaporized from the heating of tobacco thus giving the same ecstasy as a puff of smoke. The side-effects caused by these kinds of vaporizers are very minimal when compared to regular filter cigarettes and are a healthy alternative for people who are waging a war against their smoke addiction.

Digital vaporizers have been widely used for inhaling the herbal vapors for various ailments. This technique has now been widely used with tobacco as the main ingredient which when heated up brings the nicotine in a vapor form to its users. Since tobacco is being used, the filters in this type of vaporizer need to be cleaned often to get optimal results. With this type of vaporizer getting good reviews, a lot of private players have come up with new products based on the cost and ingredients used namely – Magic flight launch box or Iolite vaporizer.

Further, these digital vaporizers have seen various technological incorporations like the desired and actual temperature indicator, status indicator, remote assistance, etc which helps the users to acquire accurate and precise control over their newly found smoking alternative.


A personal vaporizer (PV) or an E-cigarette looks very much like a normal cigar and is said to consist of a plastic cartridge that serves as a mouthpiece. Attached to the cartridge is the atomizer which has a small heating filament that vaporizes the liquid present in it. And finally the important component of this smart electronic gadget – the battery, the three of which form the actual Electronic cigarette. The liquid that gives the smoking effect might be propylene glycol along with nicotine and optional flavors.

With technological advancements on an all-time high, there has been a variety of healthier alternatives for tobacco smoking. Whatever said and done, smoking in any form is injurious to one’s health and well being.