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Sleeping More at Night will Help You Look Your Best



For those who have heard the term “beauty sleep” and thought it only applied to characters in fairy tales and royalty, you should know that beauty sleep is real and can help improve the way you look and feel.

When you sleep, your body uses the hours of rest to heal the damage it has suffered during the day. The reason why your complexion, appearance, and skin tone all look better in the morning than before you went to bed is that your skin had the opportunity to improve overnight. And the more rest you get each night, the more time your skin has to rebuild and refresh.

Here are a few healthy skin benefits you can receive by the average between seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

Less Acne

If your complexion could use a little clearing, you should try getting a few more hours of sleep at night. Individuals who feel well-rested tend to handle the effects of stress better, which can cause blackheads and pimples. To illustrate this point, a recent study found that college students experienced more breakout during times of stress, such as before an important exam.

Brighter Eyes

If you want your eyes to shine, don’t let dark circles steal away some of their sparkles. While dark circles under the eyes usually run in the family, they can still appear even darker when you don’t receive enough sleep at night. Until you get caught up on your sleep, try dabbing a little eye cream onto the circles as a primer before blending in a dot of concealer a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Better Skin Tone

Staying up all night can make your skin appear blotchy or pale the next day. Sleep helps to promote an increase of blood flow to the skin, which provides your skin a more balanced appearance.

You’ll Look Better

Even if you have mastered the ability to run on only a few hours of sleep a night, your appearance is still going to suffer. A study conducted by Swedish researchers asks study participants to examine a photo of sleep-deprived individuals and ones of people who had received a full night’s rest. In nearly every instance, the people who were well-rested received higher marks from study participants for appearing healthier, more attractive, and less tired.

Drink More Water Before Bed

Even a glass of wine might seem like a more appropriate nightcap, drinking alcohol before bedtime can cause your skin to appear dried-out, with noticeably large pores in the mirror the next morning. Instead of drinking alcohol at night, drink plenty of water instead. A glass or two of water an hour before you head off to sleep will help keep your skin hydrated instead of dried out.

You’ll Feel Better

Getting more sleep at night means feeling more rested the next day. If you feel energized and ready for what the day has in store, your more likely to have the best parts of your personality emerge throughout the day. Showcasing a great attitude is one of the best ways to get noticed, and bringing your best qualities out for all to see.