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Pros and Cons of Laser Body Sculpting



 Laser body sculpting, also known as laser liposuction, is a type of low-level laser therapy that helps patients tone the midsection. Laser therapy uses a low level or “cold” lasers to stimulate cells and speed cell metabolism in order to alter cellular function. Depending on the application, the result of laser therapy can be faster healing, decreased pain, or in the case of laser liposuction, weight loss.

Just like surgical liposuction, laser body sculpting has its benefits and advantages. But as you’ll see, the pros of laser body sculpting far outweigh the cons for many patients.


  • Lose inches in just a few weeks. Patients undergo a series of treatments over the course of two weeks. Noticeable results from the procedure are just around the corner, with relatively little effort on the part of the patient–no diets, pills, or exercise routines are required, although patients are advised to eat well, abstain from caffeine and alcohol, and exercise daily in order to increase treatment results.
  • Completely non-invasive. The lasers are painlessly applied to the treatment area for twenty minutes during each session. There are no incisions, anesthesia, or drugs. The patient relaxes and feels nothing during the procedure. Some patients even take a nap!
  • No downtime. Patients walk in and out of treatment sessions on their own and return to their daily routines immediately. No recovery time or time away from work or other commitments is necessary.
  • Proven results. In studies of the FDA-approved Zerona body sculpting laser, patients who received six treatments during a two week period lost an average of 3.64 circumferential inches—from the area around the circumference of the treatment area.
  • Major health and safety benefits over surgical liposuction. Using a laser lipo machine has none of the risks that come with surgical liposuction.: no incisions, blood loss, anesthesia, bruising, pain, discomfort, medications, or downtime are necessary or required.


  • No insurance claims. Laser body sculpting is an elective, cosmetic procedure that isn’t covered under health insurance plans. You may be able to use a health savings account to help pay for cosmetic procedures, however.
  • Not a weight-loss treatment. Laser liposuction is not used as a weight-loss tool, treatment, or surgery in obese patients. While laser liposuction helps patients look and feel better, it’s not designed as a treatment for managing or combating weight gain and obesity.
  • Treatments are not universally available. Laser liposuction may be performed by a cosmetic, plastic, or aesthetic surgeon at a hospital, clinic, or spa, but this up-and-coming treatment is only performed in facilities with the right laser liposuction equipment for the procedure.
  • Patients must follow the treatment schedule for optimal results. Laser liposuction doesn’t remove fat cells from the body but flattens the fat cells instead of by releasing their contents. During the treatment period, the cells may reabsorb their contents if more than a few days pass between treatments. Some patients may find the regular treatments over a two week treatment period an inconvenience.