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What Your Doctor Is Not Telling You About Anti Aging Treatments



Anti-aging therapy has become a hot and trending topic as more people get self-conscious about their age, the way they look, and all the options available in the market.

Anti-aging creams, pills, Botox, filler, suction, lasers – the list is not limited as to what people are willing to do to shave off years from their face. But the worst part s that most of these treatments and products can cost thousands of dollars each year. Doctors, of course, will say that such treatments are what’s best for you. This may be true, but there are also other, more affordable products in the market that just might work for you.

You can find hundreds of natural anti-aging creams by doing a simple search on the internet. You can also find more brands of these creams at any drug store or health store. But how sure are you that these creams work? Before spending hundreds of dollars on different creams, make sure to check the label and do your research ahead of time. Most of the creams available out there are sporting different concoctions that are thought out to revitalize the skin, increase radiant glow, and reduce wrinkles. But there are some creams containing less than .5 percent of the concoctions in its actual product. However, as long as there is at least a small amount of this ingredient present in the product, they can place it on their advertisements and labels.

There are also many different types of pills, supplements, and multivitamins that you can take to treat the effects of aging. But how certain are you that these pills work? As you know, there is no proven formula you can slap into a pill and take to make your wrinkles disappear in an instant and look many years younger. Some pills can really offer great benefits, but so do multivitamins that can be purchased from local health food stores. Most often, the ingredients are not too different and their price is a lot less.

Injections are among the most popular types of anti-aging treatments, which have been the leading cosmetic procedure in the US. This treatment is made of a form of toxin produced by a bacterium. What your doctor may not tell you about this anti-aging treatment is that it is not completely risk-free and not all who have tried it are happy with the results.

The bottom line is: Do your research – about the doctor, the clinic, the products, and the ingredients. Don’t entirely trust everything the doctor recommends – ask for a second opinion and check if there are cheaper options available. And when something doesn’t feel right, always trust your instincts.