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Benefits Of Acupuncture For Fertility



Acupuncture is a technique that originated in the Eastern world in the heart of China. Though its prominence in the western world is quite recent, it is fast becoming popular as a reliable care therapy. Acupuncture therapy is carried out with the help of needles which are inserted into various sections of the body to balance the flow of QI (energy).

Acupuncture is a reliable infertility treatment method and can be resorted to when conventional infertility treatment methods have failed to deliver desired results. Among other topmost benefits associated with it include treatment of common ailments like constipation, high blood pressure, sore throat, kidney stones, etc.

Acupuncture treatment for fertility in women

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, a combined energy flow imbalance in the kidneys, uterus, blood, and liver can cause infertility. Well, acupuncture cannot be used to treat structural reproductive system problems such as fallopian tube blockage, but it can be used to boost fertility by increasing the rate of blood flow to and fro the main reproductive organs- leading to hormonal balance. This further leads to the formation of a better quality of eggs, a thicker uterine wall, and minimal stress thus increasing the chances of conceiving.

Acupuncture treatment for fertility in men

Male infertility is of late becoming a common phenomenon in most households. Reproductive health studies have proved that at least three out of every ten men suffer from this potentially tormenting problem. Acupuncture therapy has come as a boon, as the success rate of conventional infertility treatment is relatively low in the case of males. Acupuncture male fertility treatment works by helping balance hormonal levels and increasing kidney efficiency thus improving the overall sperm quality and vitality.

What are the benefits of going the acupuncture way as far as infertility is concerned?

  • Eliminates inflammation in the reproductive system thereby increasing the overall chances of fertility.
  • Corrects hormonal imbalances by influencing blood flow to various organs of the body thus helping in the regulation of menstruation and ovulation.
  • Improves sperm quality and density in men for increased chances of prompt fertilization.
  • Increases the chances of successful implantation (in females) by reducing uterine spasms.
  • Acupuncture therapy is known to reduce stress. Minimal stress is necessary for successful fertilization.
  • Nourishes the follicles and improves their function thus retaining long-lived fertility (N/B: Fertility tends to decline with age).
  • An overactive immune system can greatly harm your fertility. Acupuncture, by controlling the flow of energy to various crucial parts of the body, can help control the activities of the immune system thus minimizing cases of fertility disruption.
  • Thickens the endometrium making it suitable for implantation.
  • Facilitates sustainable ovulation and facilitates the smooth release of an egg for successful fertilization.
  • As per the APA (American Pregnancy Association), acupuncture care can help address the problem of an under-functioning thyroid (or over-functioning thyroid) for higher chances of a successful pregnancy.

With minimal risks attached to this form of treatment, more and more people have started opting for it as an alternative fertility treatment. While seeking for acupuncture care, utmost care should be taken that one gets treated under a certified acupuncturist.