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Types of Braces Used in Cosmetic Dentistry



No matter if you have had them yourself or just seem them around town, almost everyone is familiar with braces as to some extent a cosmetic dentist is quite common. Most of the time, people are fitted with metal braces and they are the most commonly seen on people. However, other types of braces do exist and include ceramic braces, invisible braces, and lingual braces. When deciding which type of braces is best for an individual, you should consider the different options and talk with a cosmetic dentist about what you want and see what he or she thinks is best for you.

The most common type is the standard metal brace style. They are popular because they generally last a very long time and are usually quite affordable. However, they can also be exchanged with ceramic braces. These ceramic braces are more expensive because of the material that they are made from; however, they are also more durable.

If you are prone to drinking heavy amounts of soda ceramic braces might be a better choice over the traditional metal. Furthermore, they are more resistant to stains and are therefore preferred by people who drink lots of coffee or smoke. The final benefit of ceramic braces is that they blend in with white teeth much more so than metal. If you are interested in this type of braces, talk with your cosmetic dentist for his or her opinion on the matter and ask questions about the benefits of each one.

If you are looking for an option that will not stand out, consider going with ceramic braces. Invisible braces can be a great solution for adults who do not wish to have the appearance of having braces. However, they can be quite expensive. The braces will need to be custom made to your jaw structure.

They can be very nice though as they will not irate the gums and are completely stain resistant. They work by being attached to the front of the teeth. There are several options available when it comes to invisible braces, so consult a cosmetic dentist for further information.

Lastly, their lingual braces are an option for those that wish to have them. They work by being attached to the back of the teeth. They are actually quite similar to the traditional metal braces; however, they are hidden from few by being placed on the back of the teeth. For this reason, they act as somewhat of a hybrid between the traditional and the invisible style.

There are many different options when it comes to picking out the best type of braces for an individual. The best thing you can do is do research on the different kinds and see what you find. From there, schedule a consultation with a dentist and talk with him or her about the different options and what you are looking for.