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Keeping Your Body as Young as You Think It Is



If you ask any adult, chances are that they’ll tell you that they feel like they’re in their 20’s or 30’s, not in their 60’s or 70’s; even if their bodies don’t believe them. It’s common for us, as humans, to feel young in our minds no matter what our bodies look like or how they perform. While you may not be able to move in quite the same way as you did when you were a young adult, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your body as fit as possible. Even if you’ve made the transition to an assisted living facility, there are ways to keep your body as young as possible.

1. Find an Exercise You Can Stick With

Just because you can’t lace up your shoes and run a marathon doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise at all. Try out several exercises and find one that you both enjoy and can stick with. You might prefer riding a bike, walking along trails, or even swimming. No matter what it is, find something that you can do on a long-term basis. The more exercise you get, the healthier your body will be overall. Look for low impact exercises that will be kind to your joints.

2. Follow a Healthy Diet

You’ve known for years that a healthy diet is one of the keys to longevity. Now that you’re in your senior years, this advice is more important than ever. Do what you can to cut out fat, salt, and processed sugar from your diet. If you’ve moved into an assisted living facility, you should have access to a nutritionist or dietician who can help you come up with a diet plan that will fit both your lifestyle and your health needs.

3.Train Your Brain

After age 30, we all start to lose brain cells. This doesn’t mean that we become less intelligent, but it does mean that we may find it difficult to concentrate, recall memories, or learn new things. By training your brain, you can help to keep your mental acuity in check. One of the easiest ways to keep your brain in shape is to take part in new activities. When we are learning new things, our brain cells fire at extraordinary rates. Find an activity that requires critical thinking: Chess, new languages, and playing musical instruments are all fantastic choices.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Eyes

No, no one wants to wear bifocals. Unfortunately, however, changing eyesight is one thing that most of us can’t stop. Instead of avoiding the eye doctor because you don’t want to feel like you’re getting old, visit the ophthalmologist at least once a year. By keeping your appointments, you can be alert to any aging changes in your eyes and, perhaps, halt negative progress.

5. Stay Social

Emotional health is just as important to your body as your physical health. Try combining your exercise program with the chance to socialize. Instead of exercising on your own, find a group or a class that you can join. By socializing with others, you’ll be a happier, emotionally-healthy person. When you’re happy, you’ll automatically feel younger. As an added benefit, the happier you are, the more likely you are to get out and participate in life. The more likely you are to participate in life, the more healthy you are apt to be.

Just because your body doesn’t always want to cooperate with what your mind thinks that it should be able to do, doesn’t mean that you should give up. You may never physically feel like you’re 18 again, but you definitely don’t have to feel like you’re 80. Follow the tips above and you’ll be amazed at how your body begins to respond.