What Support is Available For Those With Mesothelioma

Across the UK there are numerous support options available for those with mesothelioma. There will be options for everybody that will suit their needs and preferences, from support groups to financial benefits that can be put towards medical expenses.

Support groups are in place to help not only those with mesothelioma but their families as well. These groups are very welcoming and supportive where many will put on special events for their members that might be trips out, fund raisers or even exercise classes. They may also do work aimed at raising awareness of asbestos-exposure related diseases. This might be in the form of inviting guest speakers to meetings and opening that meeting up to the general public. Support groups will be able to provide a wide range of free information about mesothelioma, treatments available, and also how to live with the disease and symptoms. These groups may be run by mesothelioma patients or an expert in the subject. There may be a membership fee to join, but this varies from group to group.

Support groups may also be online in the shape of forums. These forums vary in their members, for example one forum is especially for mesothelioma patients who have had surgery. However, the information available will cover a wide range of issues that mesothelioma patients may experience and there is the added bonus of speaking to other patients without having to leave the house. There may be a category especially for success stories for patients to draw hope from.

Another form of support available includes financial benefits. There are many programmes to choose from when it comes to benefits, so it can be very confusing deciphering which benefits you are legible for. One of the more common kinds of benefit that a lot of people living with mesothelioma claim is Statutory Sick Pay. If you are unable to work due to mesothelioma but are still employed, then you may be legible. For more information or advice contact a mesothelioma lawyer. Their experience and expertise will be very helpful in finding which benefits you are legible for and how to go about claiming them. Mesothelioma patients can use these benefits to cover a wide range of medical expenses or support their families with them.

The quality of support in the UK is on the rise thanks to the National Mesothelioma Experience Survey. This short survey allows those living with mesothelioma, carers and those bereaved to be open and honest about a wide range of subjects: treatment, investigations, hospital appointment and admissions. This allows treatment centres and hospitals to know what they are doing well and maybe what needs to be changed or improved.

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