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New Injury Symptoms: Was it The Accident or The Hospital Treatment?



If you have been recently hospitalized for an injury that was the result of an accident, your life is likely in chaos. You have probably already had to hire an attorney because of this event and all you really want to do is recover from your injuries in peace. Suppose that now, however, there seem to be many complications associated with your injury. Instead of getting better, you are getting worse. In fact, it seems like there is a mountain of new symptoms and problems. What should you do?

When Hospital’s Make Mistakes

Sadly, many people find that when they enter into the care of an emergency room they do not receive the anticipated amount of care they deserve. Mistakes are made, and the person who is already injured finds themselves suffering more. A misread chart, a careless action, a failure to treat the condition appropriately results in the injured party falling victim to medical malpractice.

While everyone knows that an emergency room can be a chaotic place, there is an implied responsibility that the doctors and other medical staff treat the patients with accuracy. In the event that this does not occur, the patient can suffer complications from the procedures, reactions to medications that were not anticipated, or even acquire infections that would otherwise be avoidable if the right actions were taken.

What this all means is that you have become a victim to a second negligent act, and you will need to seek additional legal representation.

What A Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

If you find that you are having new and unusual symptoms after being treated for an accident injury, you should seek medical attention immediately to stabilize your health, and you should contact your attorney. Many insurance companies will state that the new symptoms and events are not related to the injury, therefore absolving them of the obligation to pay for treatment for the problem.

An attorney can establish, through a review of records and medical advice, what events took place to lead to your current condition and who the responsible party is for your medical bills. If you are entitled to further compensation for this event, the attorney can also file the appropriate paperwork to establish a secondary and separate case against the entity that committed malpractice.

Your Health And Recovery Matters

When all is said and done, seeking out professionals like Price Benowitz LLP, Virginia accident lawyers will help you focus on your health and recovery and achieve what you can to overcome this situation. Of course, if you have been recently treated for an injury and you begin to have new symptoms, you need to seek medical attention quickly. Your health could be at risk if there is an infection, malfunction from a medical device, or if the problem was not treated properly.

Do not worry about who is going to pay for your treatment, or if you will be able to receive treatment at all., Let your attorney worry about these matters. You need to focus your attention and energy on recovering from these problems.

Recovery from an accident and a subsequent malpractice event can be difficult, but it is not impossible. When you acquire help from family and friends and legal representation for all the paperwork, you can spend your time restoring your health and becoming well again.