Tips To Be Rid Of Premature Ejaculation

Tips To Be Rid Of Premature Ejaculation

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Tips To Be Rid Of Premature EjaculationThere is nothing more worrying than premature ejaculation – for both parties involved. Remember, it’s not just the men who fear the dreaded premature ejaculation. Before, if a woman had a mate with premature ejaculation problems, all she could do was sigh and wish that her partner would last longer next time. It should be noted that women usually take longer to orgasm that’s why it’s important for them that a man lasts long in bed. If you or your partner is dealing with premature ejaculation problems, you’ve come to the right place. So when it comes to premature ejaculation treatment – what is the best solution?


Stress-free Lifestyle

Being in a loving relationship and being able to cope with what life throws at you are among the best treatments for premature ejaculation. For a lot of researchers, stress is the number one culprit for premature ejaculation. Men who are leading stressful lives are usually the ones who suffer from premature ejaculation. A stressful environment is also to blame. If you (or your partner) lead an anxiety-filled life, it’s about time that you start slowing down and relaxing for an hour or two every day. Take a quick nap every now and then. Don’t let life’s little challenges get to your head, because yes, at the end of the day, premature ejaculation could be all in your head.


Don’t Have Too Much, Don’t Have Too Little

Many men think that lack of sexual intercourse or masturbation is the number one culprit for premature ejaculation. They are right – and wrong at the same time. For some men, the simple lack of sexual intercourse is the reason for their premature ejaculation. If you suspect that this is also the reason why you can’t please your partner, then why not try out specially-formulated numbing creams which will help you last longer.


The Start-Stop Method

For some, they’d readily answer: the start-stop method. Basically, this is a method of masturbating wherein a man will stimulate his penile until he is ready to orgasm. When he is near his peak, he will stop stimulating his shaft and then start again. This is a tried and tested method that could be used in conjunction with creams or pills. A lot of males attest to the efficacy of this method.

Lastly, don’t be fooled into asking when it comes to premature ejaculation – what is the best solution? Sometimes, you just have to admit that there is no “best solution”. It could be that what works for your friend will have adverse side effects for you. It’s all a matter of educating yourself and trying out which products will suit you and your lifestyle.