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Toothache! Can a Doctor Help Me Out!?



Regardless of who you are or where you live when toothaches appear you need to find the best options for you to be treated.  Toothaches appear as the pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed. The pulp is the most sensitive and central part of the tooth. The reason why this part is so sensitive is that it contains nerve endings, which translate any sensation into pain. If the pulp is inflamed it could be due to dental cavities, trauma, and/or inflection. one of the most common symptoms is referred to as pain from the jawbone area.

Some distinctive Symptoms

In most cases, symptoms include toothache and jaw pain. Added to this patients might experience severe pain when eating hot or cold foods, and if you apply pressure to your teeth. Sometimes pain can be constant and lasts for up to 15 seconds, but in general, pain comes and goes.

Pain becomes stronger as the area of inflammation increases. It is not strange for people to have pain radiating to the cheek, the ear, or the jaw. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms visit your dentist as soon as possible. Pay attention to other symptoms, which might include bleeding or discharge from the gums, Injury or trauma to the area, pain when chewing, hot or cold sensitivity, and/or inflammation around the jaw bone area.

Evidently, these symptoms re a result of dental decay or gum disease. Now, if you have dental decay or are experiencing an area of redness in your gum, this is probably where the pain is originating from. If a tooth has decayed, direct contact with it will cause pain. You are lucky if you live around the New York, California, or Florida area, where for instance your Los Angeles Family Dentist can give you personalized options for your treatment. He or she will easily realize that your previous conditions might be the source of your pain, even if your mouth looks normal.

Visiting your doctor regularly and having good dental hygiene is the best way to prevent toothaches.