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How to Prevent Yourself from Injuries when Moving



Moving house is a big undertaking that is tiresome, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s also a risky thing to move house as it involves lots of strenuous tasks. One of the toughest tasks of every house move is moving the furniture pieces and the major appliances from the home to the moving truck and from the moving truck to the new home.

When you have to move, pack and load the washing machine, the fridge, the cooker, the cupboards, the sofa, the wardrobes, and many other heavy and large pieces (and you have dozens of full moving boxes too) you need proper supplies and help.

One of the ways to prevent getting injured during a house move is to simply hire a team of packers and movers who will gladly assist you with all these hard tasks. They know the right way to pack and move heavy furniture pieces and can load the moving truck damage-free.

Staying away from the furniture moving will ensure that you keep your strength and energy for the after-move process which is not easy at all. In fact, most people say that the real challenge begins after you move house – when you have to unload everything and start unpacking and arranging the new home.

However, not all people can afford to pay for full removals services and when that is the case, they need to find the best and the safest way to move their belongings to the moving truck. How can you do that when you have no idea where to start? First and foremost, you have to understand that most injuries happen when you try to move heavy furniture the way it is.

This is a very dangerous method as most furniture pieces should be disassembled. The kitchen cabinets, the cupboards, the beds, and even the wardrobe have been made by separate parts. Take apart these and pack them individually.

When you need to carry heavy items, there are certain things to understand. You need to purchase straps, at least two dollies, and moving blankets. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself quite seriously. You could rent the dollies, but make sure they are big enough for the furniture pieces and appliances.

The other rule is to get help – as many helping hands as possible, so you don’t end up being exhausted after only a few trips to the moving truck. The golden rule of moving heavy furniture and appliances is never to lift with your back, but with the legs. Try to keep your back as straight as possible as you could hurt yourself easier than you think. One wrong move and you will have terrible back pain or even a serious problem for days.

Make sure that your children are away from the heavy lifting – this is a man’s job and nobody else’s.