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How To Stay Motivated On Mondays Without Caffeine



One of my favorite TV hosts Ellen Degeneres had me cracking up when she bashed Starbuck’s Trenta by commenting, “It’s hard to put a price on never having to blink again.” Do you agree? I sure do! We shouldn’t have to consume 31 ounces of coffee or a 5-hour Energy drink to stay awake. A better solution would be to get enough sleep.

Besides our dependence on caffeine, we also blame Monday for our brain not functioning during the first day of the week. Shouldn’t Monday be a fresh start since we took 2 days off? Our dislike for Mondays most likely originated from early school days where we stayed up late to finish or start homework last minute. And who is responsible for lacking time management?

Not Monday, not your teachers or coworkers, but that reflection in front of your mirror…YOU! Don’t hate Mondays. It’ll only make you feel more miserable. If you are ready for a change, here are some tips on how to end your Monday blues caffeine-less.

1. Work out on weekends. Heck no! I used to purposely stay up late Friday and Saturday night due to a long week, that was my rebellious side. Rebelling against what? I have no idea because no one is at loss except me. I had two dark circles under my eyes the next day. I ended that unhealthy lifestyle very quickly. How? I worked out during the day and it helped me sleep better at night. Even if I wanted to rebel, I was too tired.

2. Be consistent. The early bird catches the worm. I get it, we all do. The question is can we do it? I understand habits are difficult to change but no pain, no gain. Besides, a consistent sleep schedule does no harm and the day feels longer when you wake up early.

3. Have something to look forward to. This is my favorite method to start a fresh week. Arrange to meet up with friends after work on Monday or book a Tango class through Vimbly so it gives you something to look forward to besides your bed at home.

4. Find your way of meditation. Take a hot shower in the morning, go jogging for an hour, or solve a sudoku puzzle on your way to work. Whichever method you prefer to clear your mind, stick to it. If you write, only when you clear your mind can you bring in new ideas? I was jamming to music on my morning commute and here I am finishing up this article!