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Knowing The Truth When Choosing A CCRC



With recent events, such as the closing of a nursing home facility in Toledo, Ohio after they lost Medicare and Medicaid agreements following abuse, it is easy to be wary about placing your loved one in any kind of assisted living community. However, oftentimes the few rotten apples in the orchard give a bad name to the entire lot when in fact most assisted living communities do not have complaints of neglect or abuse against them.

In order to weed through the bed communities and find continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) in Ohio that will be best for your loved one, you need to be diligent in asking questions and learning more about your loved one’s new home.

How Can I Trust These Communities?

The aforementioned incident involving the Toledo nursing home was Liberty Nursing Center, and it was only the fourth time since 2006 that the state Department of Health moved to close a facility, according to the Toledo Blade. It was a very rare incident and the Blade article went on to cite a member of a consumer watchdog group aimed at uncovering abuse or neglect in nursing homes echoed how rare it was for a violating facility to actually be shut down.

Choosing What’s Right for Your Loved One

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of facility does your loved one need. Nursing homes are generally reserved for those individuals who have a serious health condition that requires every-day or even around-the-clock care, whereas an assisted living community or CCRC would be better suited for someone who may need extra assistance with their day-to-day lives, but are not suffering from major medical problems. The beauty of CCRCs is that they allow your loved one to maintain freedom while also getting them the help they need and keeping them active and sociable. This can help greatly with older individuals who may be feeling depressed or secluded.

A few questions you should always ask when choosing a CCRC in Ohio:

–          Are there ample stores nearby for shopping?

–          Is transportation provided?

–          Are the grounds well maintained?

–          Are residents well cared for?

–          Is the staff friendly?

–          What credentials do the staff members hold?

–          Are background checks conducted on staff?

–          What medical access is available within the community?

–          Are their various floor plans to meet the specific needs of your loved one?

For more questions, you should be asking, visit the AARP website and read what they suggest. Choosing the right assisted living community for your aging loved one is not something that should be entered into lightly. Be honest with yourself about their real needs and ensure that you fully investigate the location so that the place you choose will be the best for your loved one’s needs.