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The Importance Of A Beauty Regime



Most people are made aware and told time and time again, to wash their face properly!  It is drummed into us that a good Beauty Regime should consist of Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning & Moisturising our skin morning and night.  But why? Well basically, we all have different skin types, and if we don’t choose the appropriate skincare range then our skin may become unbalanced leading to problematic areas, for example, too dry, too oily, or flaring up due to sensitivity.

Also, we walk around in a polluted atmosphere, car fumes and chemicals in cigarettes etcetera all have an effect on our skin.  Even drinking coffee can contribute to aging and dehydrating the skin.

The sun helps our bodies produce Vitamin D which we all need to feel good! But if a skincare range with UV protection isn’t used, then gradually the sun is contributing to the aging of our skin also. So! With all these day-to-day effects taking place on our skin, is it any wonder we need to look after it?

Why Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone & Moisture?

Cleanse; to avoid clogging up pores, blackheads, and spots.  Using circular motions, apply the cleanser as per manufacturer’s instructions (usually removed with either water or damp cotton wool) Repeat until all dirt, daily grime, or makeup is completely removed.

Exfoliate; only do this once a week. This is to help the old skin cells along in the shedding process.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought your complexion suddenly looks grey or tired? This is usually because the skin is at the point of the cycle where it is old and is starting to shed.  The once-a-week exfoliation will help expose the new, fresh skin, increasing the regeneration process of new skin cells, making your appearance brighter and fresher!

Tone; after you’ve removed all that dirt and grime from your pores, you don’t want it getting back in, do you?! So make sure you close /tighten those pores with a toner that works as an astringent and also balances PH Levels.

Moisture; Finish with an appropriate Moisturising lotion for Day or Night (night creams are normally thicker) to re-moisturize and nourish your now-so-beautiful-skin!

Which ones to use?

The Skins PH value is one of the major contributors to acne and other skin problems if out of balance. By choosing facial products to match your skin type they will be better matched to your PH.

If there are dry areas, the skin can become flaky and make-up may look ‘clumpy’ (this is because your skin is dry and tries to ‘drink’ any fluid that it comes into contact with). So therefore you need to use a skincare range that provides extra moisture and deeply nourishes the skin.

If there are oily areas, this is due to an over-production of sebum (the skins natural moisture produced by the sebaceous gland) which can create shiny patches or spots. A face range for oily skin will dry out the skin and reduce sebum levels.

If the skin has sensitive areas, it can become red, swollen, or even itchy (if an allergic reaction takes place) so it is important to use a sensitive range with mild ingredients to avoid such un-pleasantries.

If the skin has various problems, maybe dry cheeks and an oily T-ZONE (which is the forehead, nose, and chin area) then opt for a combination skin range product to balance out the areas.

Lastly, everyone’s question. Why can’t I just use soap and water? Well, it’s not going to treat your specific skin problem, is it? Also, the skin on your face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body, so it needs extra attention.  Soaps can be very drying, they’re not going to hurry the regeneration of new skin cells along, and are one of the worst PH offenders, unbalancing PH levels. They’re not going to add moisture or help to nourish your skin.

Just remember your face is for life. It’s worth it. Treat it, Pamper and Love it!