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Get Rid Of Troublesome Acnes



Top 5 foods to prevent acne

Acnes and pimples can mar the facial beauty of any person. The causes behind the appearance of acne marks are diverse – ranging right from natural hormonal changes, to a penchant for consuming too much of fried food regularly.

There are certain medications available for removing acne – but most of them contain strong, harsh chemicals, which are, in the long-run, not at all good for the skin. In this article, we will familiarize readers with a few simple and natural ways to effectively treat acne problems:

  • Wash your face regularly – Use a mild soap or a face-wash to thoroughly wash your face, at least twice every day. Preferably, use warm water for this purpose, since that would open the pores of your face.
  • Apply branded skin toners and moisturizers – Keep your skin soft and supple, by applying good-quality toners on your face. Place the prescribed amount of toner on a clean piece of cotton, and wipe your face properly with it. Choose a mild cleansing moisturizer, after you have washed your face. The application of lemon juice can also prove to be useful.
  • Remove the dead cells – Use a good exfoliating agent to remove all the dead cells from the skin of your face. Salicylic acid (of mild concentration) and/or the shells of ground walnut are considered to be excellent natural exfoliants. Make sure that your regular skincare services include the application of astringents too.
  • Use sandalwood paste – Most anti-acne creams are successful in removing pimples, but leave unhealthy marks on the skin. Prepare a paste with water and sandalwood, and carefully apply it to the spots severely affected by acne. Your skin problems can literally disappear, within a week!
  • Follow a light exercise regime – Start working out on a daily basis, either during the early hours of the day or in the afternoon. Do not take up tasks that are too physically demanding. If you are planning to exercise on the terrace or outdoors, make sure that your face is not directly exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Prepare a healthy, wholesome diet – Most (if not all) skin health care service professionals agree that, adopting a balanced, nutritious diet can lessen the chances of acne problems making an appearance. Drink plenty of water every day, and have high-protein, fibrous food items in your meals. Consuming green vegetables and fresh fruits can also improve the circulation of antioxidants inside your skin.
  • Never try to burst acne or pimples with fingers – Unfortunately, this is what many teenagers with acne problems are in the habit of doing. Trying to pick acne/pimples with your fingers will result in them getting burst, leaving indelible marks on your skin. The puss that might be released from the burst pimples is also extremely unhealthy. Be a little patient, and switch over to natural skincare services.
  • Remove makeup properly – There is nothing wrong in putting on heavy makeup for a party night, but if you do not take it off completely after returning – acnes are likely to make an unwelcome appearance! Use a gentle scrubber to remove all traces of makeup, so that the skin pores do not remain clogged.
  • Avoid excessive mental stress – Indulge in some deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and other such healthy activities, to get rid of undue stresses. Having a relaxed mind can work wonders as a natural anti-acne procedure!

Do not be lured by the glossy ads that the chemical cream and ointment companies often come up with. Such products are likely to do more harm than good to your skin. If you are in the habit of drinking too much or are really fond of having mutton, you need to curb these habits too. Of course, if these natural remedies fail, you need to get in touch with a qualified health care service professional and seek medical help. Remove acne, pimples, and blackheads from your face – and let your glowing skin dazzle everyone!