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Abdominal Pain: Everything You Need To Know



Abdominal pain affects people all over the world as regularly as say common cold. It’s a common complaint people have when they visit their GP or a specialist of some kind for that matter. Moreover, it can affect practically everyone, from kids to people of all ages, men, and women alike.

While in many cases the pain can be temporary and a symptom that subsides when the body resolves the root cause on its own, it’s also true that there are several instances where expert help is necessary and if overlooked it can lead to grave consequences.

It is loosely termed as stomach pain by many suffering from it, but it’s important to remember that your abdomen has many vital organs in it. The pain could originate from any of these organs and can have a wide range of causes.

It’s important to pinpoint the exact nature of the pain, where it originates etc to understand the gravity of the situation. It’s also true that there have been cases where the cause of the pain has been misdiagnosed leading to further difficulties for those suffering. Hence it’s vital that you understand different types of ABD pains, their severity, the time span of the pain, etc to realize its seriousness.

Acute Abdominal Pain can be dire

This type of pain is defined by its recent onset but it doesn’t take away from its seriousness. In fact, it can be life-threatening and just cannot be overlooked. There is a wide spectrum of causes for this kind of pain and they include kidney stones, ruptured spleen, acute appendicitis or pancreatitis. This pain can also show up because of bowel obstruction, acute urine infection, acute hepatitis, ruptured ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, or miscarriage for that matter. It could also be something like food poisoning and one has to consult a physician if you notice this pain because of any of these reasons.

Chronic Abdominal Pain cannot be underestimated

If you have been experiencing pain in your abdomen region for more than six weeks then it’s considered to be chronic and it’s not supposed to be life-threatening. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be debilitating, and knowing the length of the time one’s experienced the pain is important. Some of the common causes here include irritable bowel syndrome, fibroid, endometrosis, chronic constipation, celiac disease, etc.

Now you can also get help from dedicated websites online to know more about causes for abdominal pain, which can help you a great deal with diagnosing the problem.