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Would You Believe These Are In Your Home?



So as you walk through your home on a regular basis there may not be many life-threatening things you might think of.  Possibly the bleach you would die from if you decided to chug it as fast as you could or the knives in your kitchen drawer if you decided to stab yourself.

Besides you going out of your way to make your own life miserable you wouldn’t really think anything else in your home would be negatively affecting your health.  There is no reason for you to do anything like that in the first place.

You might like to know that there are chemicals in your home which can be harmful to your health and you are not even aware of it.

Did you ever think that a product that was designed to make you feel better about your surroundings would actually be detrimental to your health?  Air fresheners are some of the worst products for your health that you can have in your home.

Amazing But True

An air freshener can contain formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen and is highly toxic to humans.  If you have heard of formaldehyde before it is because it is used as an embalming fluid in funeral homes.  That is not even the worst chemical that some air fresheners contain.

Phenol is very dangerous both inside and outside of our bodies.  On the outside phenol causes skin irritations such as burning, sweating, and peeling.  On the inside, it can cause cold sweats, convulsions, and even circulatory collapse.

These are extreme cases and we all have used air fresheners and very few of us had dropped into comas right on the spot but it is something to think about.

Air fresheners also, regardless of what chemicals are inside of them, interfere with your ability to smell by coating your nasal passages with an oil film or by releasing a nerve deadening agent.  This is the fact that you really need to take into account.  The reason air freshener’s work is because we take them into our nose instead of whatever we are trying to mask but they may go beyond just masking a scent.

A second harmful chemical in your home that you may find surprising is that dishwashing detergent is highly toxic.  The detergent we use to clean the dishes we eat off of.  In fact, dishwashing detergent is the number one cause for child poisonings every year according to poison control centers.  The chemical that makes it so deadly is the concentrated chlorine in it that sanitizes our dishes.

The concentrated chlorine is also the reason why dish detergent dries out our skin so much.  Detergents that moisturize our hands use alternatives to chlorine and are therefore better for your health.   Whenever possible you should buy them over traditional detergents.

A Little Research

Between these two household products that we use on a daily basis, there are many chemicals we do not realize we are dealing with.  Just as not many people read the nutrition labels on the back of food boxes as they should.  Many people do not look at the chemicals on the back label of household products that contain chemicals as they should.

Although it is hard to pick out the harmful chemicals from the harmless chemicals, just remember that there are many more harmless chemicals in these products than harmful chemicals, or else they would not be sold in a store. Doing a bit of internet research on the harmful ones can really help you when you make that final purchase at the cash register.