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How To Cut Down Cost On Electronic Cigarettes



E cigarette

Electronic cigarettes aren’t usually as expensive as cigarettes, but everyone is looking for ways to save money with the current economic condition. For some people, the luxury of e-cigs can be a bit too much for their wallets. The good news is that there are a couple of different ways that you can keep vaping without spending too much.

It is very easy to get into the mindset of just looking for cheaper e-cigs as a way to cut down on costs, but that isn’t always the best idea. You truly do get what you pay for, and sometimes that means cheaper electronic cigarettes won’t last as long as their more expensive counterparts.

Of course, there are good e-cigarettes out there that don’t cost very much, but buying and testing every cheap electronic cigarette simply isn’t an option. Instead of buying the first cheap one that you see, you need to find a source you trust to judge which cheap electronic cigarette is the best bang for your buck. Or, maybe you can spend a little extra on a higher quality e-cig that will last longer.

Before you buy an e-cigarette, take a look at what its replacement parts cost. There are a lot of models that have parts that don’t fit into other e-cigs. Sometimes, companies will sell you an e-cig for very cheap, but then have parts that are rather expensive.

The costs of batteries, cartridges, atomizers, different flavored liquids and everything else you might need can really add up. When you are hunting down a cheap e-cigarette to buy, you can’t just look at the price. Add up every single expense it will have, and try to project how much you will be spending monthly or yearly.

Buying disposable e-cigarettes can also help cut down costs, especially when you buy them in bulk. For instance, a disposable electronic cigarette that would cost seven dollars when bought one at a time can be purchased in a pack of 100 for just 375 dollars.

That brings the cost of each disposable electronic cigarette down to $3.75. That is almost a fifty percent reduction in cost. Each one of these disposable e-cigs will last for approximately the same length of time that two packs of cigarettes would last.

So, if you would use it at a rate of half a pack a day, then these 100 disposable electronic cigarettes would last you for about 400 days. A whole year’s worth of e vaping would only cost you $375, or about a dollar a day. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that! So, if you are looking to cut costs on e-cigarettes, then consider buying disposable ones in bulk.

Keep in mind that you don’t need all the bells and whistles like a portable recharger. Sure it can be useful to have, but you can save yourself some money by charging them at home. Also, keep your eye out for sales and e-cig coupons.

If you can’t find them, then consider emailing the company or website about a possible deal. You might be surprised by what you can get if you just ask someone for it, especially when you explain to them that you will take your business elsewhere without it.