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The Bad and Not-so-Good About Vaping – It’s a No Win Situation!



There is a hell lot of buzz around e-cigarettes these days. Many perceive that it is a safer way for smokers who can continue smoking without the worry of damaging their lungs. E-cigarettes are often advertised by the manufacturers as a replacement for nicotine, which helps in tapering down the negative effects of nicotine. One thing about e-cigarettes is a little dicey though! They certainly are an alternative to regular cigarettes but do they actually help in eventually quitting smoking? Well, that is a question left pretty much unanswered. Let us try to look at the positives and negatives of vaping.

The Upsides

 There actually are a good number of reasons why regular smokers should turn into vapers. The obvious reason is that long term effects of e-cigarettes are many times less dangerous than regular cigarettes and you certainly don’t intake those carcinogenic products that you otherwise do, through a regular cigarette, thus jeopardizing the health of your body in one way or the other.

Mentioned below are a few more reasons that could convince you to turn into a vaper.

  • Lowered cancer risks due to no carcinogens or tar.
  • More cost-effective than cigarettes.
  • No issues of smoking paraphernalia and no need for ashtrays and lighters.
  • A chance to communicate with vapers, both offline and online.
  • No risk of passive smoking.
  • No ash to litter around.
  • You can use e-cigarettes in theatres, restaurants, offices, and any public place you want without the risk of breaking the law.
  • No dead tobacco stink on your clothes or body
  • Teens and adults consider vaping much cooler than regular smoking

The Downsides

 E-cigs are undoubtedly extremely popular amongst Americans and Europeans but little research has been done on them, considering they have been around online since 2003. One of the universities in Riverside, US conducted a study examining 7 of the most popular e-cigarette brands and these are the results that it found:

  • The cartridges of e-cigarettes leak and can potentially expose nicotine to pets, children, and nearby environment.
  • The e-cigarette industry is not at all regulated. There is a control for quality, sales, and advertising in place. The overall industry is also opposing the researches being carried out across the globe.
  • Atomizers, cartridge wrappers, instruction manuals, batteries, cartridges, and packs do not contain sufficient information for using the product.
  • There aren’t any prescribed methods for disposing of e-cigarettes accessories and products, including its cartridges. As these nicotine alternatives are growing in popularity, it could result in contamination due to nicotine coming from cartridges that are discarded in water and soil.

We still don’t have numbers of people who have successfully managed to quit smoking due to e-cigarettes. Both manufacturers and users claim that these products are great ways of kicking the butt; however many research centers and many addiction specialists don’t show much confidence in them. They fear the e-cigarettes are just like methadone, which addicts take in place of heroin. In other words, these products just treat the upper symptoms but don’t fight the root problem.

Experts also fear that vaping is also in a way glorifying a lesser dangerous form of smoking to which younger generations can get hooked on to, and may finally resort to higher forms of nicotine.

So, ultimately it looks like a no-win situation, and vaping shouldn’t really be popularized in the wrong way, putting the future generation on the wrong track. However, it’s certainly a great alternative for smokers, who simply can’t resist the temptation of smoking.