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Three Reasons Why Quitting Smoking Is Good For Your Love Life



If you’re still single despite your best efforts and a smoker to boot you might be surprised to know that these things might be more related than you think. A vast majority of online daters do not want to even go on a date with smokers according to a study from last year.

Of course, on-line daters are not very representative of everybody out to get a date so you might dismiss it as yet another instance of the crusade against smoking and smokers that have driven tobacco prices up and made it illegal to smoke in many public places. What you can’t argue with is science and here are three reasons backed up by science rather than hype why smoking is negatively affecting your love life.

1. Smoker’s Breath is Toxic

Yes, it might seem like a bitter joke but a study has demonstrated that the breath of smokers isn’t only rank but actually toxic. The paper dates back to 2008 but proves that even if there is no smoking going on in the home itself children and other family members might suffer from side effects linked to passive smoking.

So the lady turning you down for a date might give you a shot if you weren’t literally bad for her. Apparently the toxic chemicals in cigarettes are the culprit rather than nicotine so electronic cigarettes like blu cigs might be all right.

2. Smoking Damages Your Sex Drive

The effects of smoking on the circulatory system are well known and are in fact some of the primary reasons why there is a global offensive to ban smoking or at least reduce its health impact. But while you probably do know that smoking has a devastating effect on your heart and lungs it can severely reduce your erection as well.

Yes, while this shouldn’t be your main concern when it comes to smoking for many men it is the factor that gets them to truly quit.

3. Smoking Makes You Fat

You probably heard the story that quitting smoking causes you to gain weight. Well, while this seems to be correct apparently the opposite is true as well. Heavy smokers have reduced lung capacity and stamina and can’t exercise as much as other people which, combined with a sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain.

The solution is once more to switch to Nicotine replacement therapy, whether by e-cig or other means. That way you can get your nicotine fix and slowly decrease it while clearing your lungs and being able to hit the gym again.