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The Fluoride Deception – Why Fluoride is put in our Drinking Water



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We have all been told a bald-faced lie. Numerous Governments now say that the addition of fluoride to our water will strengthen our bones and teeth. Even worse – we believed them and actually encouraged them to fluoridate our water supply.

But the people in power were wrong. The fluoride included in our water is a waste by-product of phosphate fertilizer and aluminum processing. It isn’t Calcium Fluoride that occurs naturally in water, but Sodium Fluoride, which is a completely different thing.

Sodium fluoride is bad news for humans. Apart from a few suspicious reports by the companies selling the stuff, studies have shown that Sodium Fluoride doesn’t actually strengthen/protect our teeth or bones. But it has been found that it has an extremely detrimental effect on our thyroid glands.

Let’s have a closer look at what Sodium Fluoride actually does. One’s thyroid gland produces the hormone which regulates the body’s metabolism. The Thyroid hormones are only produced in the presence of iodine.

Iodine and Fluoride chemically look very similar- therefore fluoride eliminates iodine from your thyroid gland and basically takes over the thyroid processes. Fluoride might look similar to iodine, but it’s not able to do iodine’s job. Your thyroid gland no longer has the chemicals needed to get the job done, and therefore you become hypothyroidic.

Most blood tests, which are not advanced enough to distinguish between fluoride and iodine, will indicate that you don’t have a problem. To these blood tests, a thyroid hormone is a thyroid hormone – whether it works or not.

If there’s one thing you SHOULD do -it’s getting rid of ALL the fluoride in your life. Not convinced yet? Well, here are some more reasons to abandon fluoride.

  • Our bones continuously renew themselves, adding new bone cells, and removing old ones. Sodium Fluoride interferes with the adding of these new bone cells and can thus inhibit further bone growth.
  • Fluoride also attacks and clogs your pineal gland. Deep within the brain, sometimes referred to as the third eye by seers – the pineal gland regulates your internal clock, aids deep sleep, and it works in conjuncture with the adrenal glands to manage stress. The addition of Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland into a non-functioning rock in the middle of your brain – that’s worrying.
  • Most governments categorize Sodium Fluoride as an environmentally hazardous material. Anyone who is handling it must wear HazMat (Hazardous Material) protective gear – but it’s okay for us to drink? WHAT?!?

No more than 8 countries around the world now fluoridate more than 50% of its public water supply. Sadly, the USA is among these countries.

Basically – We are on our own in this respect.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems remove fluoride and A LOT of other harmful contaminants in our drinking water. Rather buy RO-processed water (which is widely available in stores) or get a RO filtration system, but whatever you do – don’t drink fluoridated water.