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10 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally



A life without cigarettes is a lot better life. This article focuses on 10 effective ways by which they will be able to quit smoking naturally.

There is hardly anything a human being cannot do with his willpower. You can get rid of any problem with a firm mind. If you want to quit addictive habits like smoking, you do not require the use of medications or help from healthcare professionals – just like I never needed one. I relied on natural and healthier ways to give up on smoking. These are the things you can easily get your hands on and are also cost-effective (and sometimes free of cost).

I did not have to do anything extra or take special steps; just a few modifications in my lifestyle were able to cure me off this harmful dependence on cigarettes. Therefore, I bring forward this article in order to share my ideas with you and help you quit smoking naturally:

  1.     Change the Diet: It has been found out that alcohol, caffeine, and red meat make cigarettes tasty and increase the craving. Change your diet a little bit and try to stay away from these food items. Increase the amount of intake of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, and go for juice and milk. These are said to make a cigarette taste lousy.
  2.    A Sweet Substitute:  It has been found out that around 30% of the craving which smokers have is actually of carbohydrates and not of nicotine. Therefore, buy some glucose tablets from a nearby drugstore and suck on them when you get a cigarette craving. These tablets are the ones the drugstores sell to diabetes patients. It is not that sugar is very good for you, but cigarette is worse.
  3.    Martial Arts: When a person smokes, it induces a feeling of relaxation in the way he breathes. The martial art Tai Chi helps people feel stronger and breathe well. An hour of Tai Chi every alternate day for 3 to 4 months will help you quit smoking with ease.
  4.   Be Around Non-smokers: You will never be able to leave if even a single member of your friend circle is a smoker. Do not break ties with your friends for that reason. Ask them politely not to smoke when you are around.
  5.   Join a Non-Smokers Page on Facebook: If you have an account on the famous social networking site, you can surf and find numerous pages dedicated to non-smokers where frequent updates and discussions are held to encourage people to leave this habit.
  6.  Stop-smoking Hypnosis: A lot of people get help from stop-smoking hypnosis sessions. It is often found that almost half of the people who have opted to go for these sessions were successful in quitting cigarettes. All that is required is the complete willingness of the patient.
  7. Massage Your Hands and Ears: This is one of the most effective things I did. I used to go for a gentle five-minute massage on my hands and ears. This keeps the cravings in check for a long time.
  8. Meditate to Quit: Meditation for half an hour every day helps to put the cravings to rest. While meditating, you can also listen to Meditation CDs – that will help you concentrate in a better way.
  9. Behavior Therapy: Instead of taking a puff at a cigarette, participants of behavior therapy are made to learn different techniques by which they can find alternative ways to deal with anxiety and stress.
  10. Nicotine Anonymous Program: It is a type of 12-step program where members can meet regularly, gives tips and suggestions about leaving cigarettes to each other.

These simple ways are not at all expensive and do not even take long to show results. I hope you will like these ideas and put them to good use.