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How to Exfoliate Your Face



By exfoliating your face, you’ll remove the surface layer of dead skin cells that make it look dull, old, and unattractive. This exercise will also reduce the risk of getting breakouts that usually happen when the skin mixes with oil and bacteria. In addition, it’ll allow skin preparations, including mask products and moisturizers, to penetrate easier into your facial skin, as well as improve blood circulation. In the end, you’ll achieve a healthy, radiant, and young-looking face.

However, if you don’t do it right, exfoliation may not help you to get these positive results. In fact, it can lead to destructive consequences, such as skin irritation or even damage. To help you out, I have prepared a simple guide containing the best tips on how to exfoliate your face.

How to Exfoliate Your Face

1. Get the right tools. The face exfoliation process starts with assembling the right tools. Note that, your face has a smooth and sensitive skin, which means that you cannot use a harsh loofah or those nylon exfoliating tools that you usually use on other areas of your skin. So get a normal washcloth or a soft brush. There are also exfoliating gloves that are specifically designed for the face.

2. Remove makeup and cleanse your face. The next step is to remove any makeup you may have and cleansing your skin with your favorite cleanser.

3. Steam your face. Steaming your face raises the temperature of your facial skin, which softens the hardened oil or grime, as well as other impurities. This makes it easier to remove them. It also makes your facial skin more receptive to whatever beauty treatments you may apply afterward.

4. Choose and apply a quality exfoliating cleanser. The exfoliating cleanser you’ll use must be suited for your skin type. You should also avoid abrasive cleansers. If you don’t have a cleanser that’s specifically designed for the face, you can come up with a great homemade scrub by mixing water and sugar. Simple oil also works great. Put the cleanser on your washcloth, soft brush, or sponge.

5. Rub your face with a soft washcloth, brush, or loofah using circular motions. Paste the exfoliating cleanser all over your entire face. Ensure you cover all areas of your facial skin.

6. Don’t forget the lips. Lips have a huge bearing on the overall appearance of your face, and exfoliating them will make you look adorable and extremely sexy. Get petroleum jelly and apply it properly on your lips. Then, move your soft brush over the lips. After a few minutes, wipe off the jelly using a towel.

7. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. Remove the exfoliating cleanser from your face by rinsing it with tepid water. Don’t use hot water as it may irritate the freshly exfoliated skin.

8. Splash your face with cold water. This will make you feel fresh and prepare the skin for other beauty treatments.

9. Gently pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel.

10. Apply a moisturizer. Once you are through with exfoliation, you need to apply a moisturizer. It’s also important to apply sunscreen to protect your face when you’re going out in the sun.

By following these simple tips on how to exfoliate your face, you’ll certainly achieve a smooth, beautiful face that you can be proud of.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that you should exfoliate once or twice a week. Doing it almost every day is over-exfoliation, and it can lead to permanent skin damage. If you have dry or sensitive skin, should not exfoliate as often – and once in a month is enough.