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Which Beauty School is for You?



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Which Beauty School is for You?

Unless you have lived on a different planet your entire life, or just have never seen the musical, Grease, you know that being a beauty school dropout just doesn’t pay off.  How do you decide to go to Beauty School, and if you do, how do you decide where to go?

I always thought I would end up as a cosmetologist, as I love doing hair and makeup and skincare. I love making people look beautiful. In the end, though, it turns out that cosmetology school just wasn’t for me. Let’s find out if it is for you though.

Passion for Beautification

I would rank being passionate about beauty as one of the more important ‘requirements’ for being successful in cosmetology. Are you a person who sees someone and thinks “If she (or he) just styled her (or his) hair like so, it would make them look just perfect?”

Do you find yourself begging your younger sister or friend’s sister or other relation to let you do their hair or makeup for this or that special occasion? Do you get excited walking through stores like Sephora or Bare Minerals, or absolutely needed to stop at the makeup counters in your favorite department store? Do you have more flat irons and curling implements than any human should? If you answered yes to these questions, you most likely suffer from an uncontrollable passion for beautification, but rest assured, we can put that passion to good use!

Good Eye for Beauty

One thing that I always had a knack for was seeing beauty somewhere that others didn’t. Whether this was in a person or place, it didn’t matter; I’ve just been very good at spotting beauty where it was hard to find. Are you that way? Do you find yourself imagining what someone would look like with a certain eye shadow or eyeliner applied? Do you picture people with different haircuts, styles, and colors? As before, if you found yourself answering yes to these questions, you may just find destiny is calling you.

Location, Location, Location

Finding a school near to you with a great reputation and curriculum is important. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a really great place to enroll that is close to you. One way to find an awesome school is to type, for example, ‘cosmetology schools mesa az,’ into a search engine of your choice.

Certain search engines will allow you to see ratings of the results that come up. These reviews will prove very useful in making a decision, especially because you’ll most likely read reviews from students and clients. Once you find a school close to you with great reviews, you can tour the facility and get introduced to the program. This is always important, no matter what career path you choose.

The curriculum and facility will greatly affect your happiness and as a result, your success. if the curriculum is out of date, and the facility is shabby, you may want to rethink the decision to go to that particular school. Always remember, the decision of where to go to school and what curriculum to follow does not only affect you now, but it will affect your entire career.