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The 5 Most Famous Hospitals In The World



It’s a tough job to name the most famous hospitals in the world as none of them stick out for anything other than the great work they do and their significant position within healthcare. However, these five hospitals mentioned are all names that are held in high esteem throughout the world for one reason or another, whether it be their impressive legacy, their excellent statistics, or their importance as part of medical tourism.

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

This hospital, situated in west London, was founded in 1852 as a center for sick and poorly children. Over the years it has built a reputation as one of the first establishments to provide beds for children in the English-speaking world and was presided over by Princess Diana up until her death. It is also known worldwide for its possession of the copyright to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and all published editions are licensed under the hospital.

Ceders-Sinai, Los Angeles

This renowned establishment in the United States is famed for being at the very forefront of imperative clinical research. It is a name that rings a bell nationwide as well as across the pond. Many advances in contemporary medicine originate from the laboratories at Cedars-Sinai and it’s a top choice among celebrities in Hollywood when planning for children. Their specific focus, though they cater to all health issues, is primarily centered on cancer research as well as heart surgery.

Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney

This hospital, found in one of Australia’s premier spots, is one of the biggest and best training hospitals in the country. The hospital treats over 40,000 patients a year to the best of their abilities and they also include a Community Health program which has enabled them to aid non-admitted patients also. Overall, it’s estimated that they manage to provide aid to 900,000 non-admitted patients a year, allowing them to reach into the rural areas as well.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre, Los Angeles

This hospital is found on the campus of the University of California and features research centers that cover every medical department that one could think of. Its emergency department holds a certified Level I trauma rating making it one of the best for adults and children. Its extensive base makes it one of the most advanced establishments in the entire world and is regularly labeled among the best hospitals in the USA and the best situated on the West Coast.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

This American hospital serves as a strong center for both research and education and it tirelessly works in tandem with the University to provide this knowledge. It is one of the most diverse centers for medicine on the globe. Its innovative patient-care reputation is well earned and is said to be the birthplace of some of the most traditional medicinal terms, such as ’rounds’ and ‘residents’, paving the way for the future of medicine to unravel.