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What’s The Best Exercise?



A recent debate was held among a group of fitness enthusiasts, Fitness trainers, physiologists to decide which exercise is the best. Many exercises were nominated but many of them faced criticism over the equipment required while others were rejected because of the boredom involved. In this article, we will discuss the exercises believed to be the best by many.

We will start by discussing the Butterfly exercise. Some trainers consider it better than the activity of bicycling and running as well, while others consider it better than several sports such as basketball. The reason why butterfly exercise is good for the human body is that it burns a lot of calories.

This means that it can easily help a person in controlling his weight and might also improve a person’s stamina. Despite several advantages, a butterfly is not the best exercises and some researchers have called it the worst exercises of all time. The main reasons for such claims are that it is quite painful and drain out a lot of energy from the human body.

It also requires the presence of a trainer so that no careless mistakes are made and no one gets injured. Several physiologists were asked about the best exercise and many failed to respond by giving just one answer. As they believe that a single exercise cannot be considered the best one and different exercises need to be done in sets in order to have the best results.

By pushing come physiologists to give an answer with one exercise, many agreed that burpee is the best one. If you are not familiar with it then it is an exercise for the complete body and does focus on just one part of the body. People do it in order to increase their strength and also it is used as an aerobic exercise.

Burpee is performed in 5 steps. You need to stand straight in a standing position and then drop into a squat position. You will have to place your hands on the ground for support. The next step is to extend your feet back quickly and then return to the squat position. The last step is to return to the standing position.

Burpee is quite a difficult exercise and many people do not stick to it. Most people do not even enjoy it. US military used this exercise to train the army as burpee builds muscles as well and improves strength. In order to see results from burpee one must stick to it for a period of time and work out regularly.

There are several physiologists who consider walking as the best exercise. A study was done in Japan in which several senior citizens were enrolled in a program of walking. The program lasted for around 5 months. For 5 months the citizens were told to walk fast for 3 minutes and another 3 minutes of walking but this time a bit slower.

This process was repeated 10 times a day. After 5 months the results were evaluated and it was concluded that walking increased thigh muscle strength and aerobic power in those citizens by 20 percent. Also, several diseases such as tension and obesity were also reduced by 20 percent.

Walking has also been a great exercise for those who wish to control and reduce their weight. A research was carried out in women that lasted for 15 years. It was based on the relationship between walking and the weight of middle-aged women. Most middle-aged women suffer from obesity and are overweight.

The research concluded that those middle-aged women who walked for at least an hour every day did not gain much weight and maintained a healthy body and slim figure. Another research says that walking triggers brain activity and improves memory.

Although walking has great benefits, it does not impress those who work out daily and visit the gym. Such people might be impressed by the squat. The squat is used in strength training and mainly focuses on thighs, buttocks, and hips. Squat has proved to make the bones stronger and also increases the size of the legs. The proper method of doing a squat is by folding arms across the chest and then bending knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground. It has been advised by trainers that by doing squats 25 times a day one can see results very soon.

Squat has proved very beneficial for those who suffer from sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle and mass as a person ages. Generally, everyone loses muscles as they age, but some people lose a bit more than the others. Such problems can be prevented with squats.

Another exercise is resistance training which the opposite of what squat is. Resistance training is done by those who want to control weight and do not want to gain weight as they age. Resistance training helps in reducing the waist of the person and also kills fat in the human body. Resistance training has also proved helpful for people in preventing diabetes.

After reviewing all the exercises some light was shed on high-intensity interval training(HIIT). It includes short anaerobic exercises at several intervals. The sessions take from 10 to 20 minutes which helps in burning fat and improved metabolism. It also includes a 30-second session of cycling at the highest intensity.

After resting for about 5 minutes the session is to be repeated 6-8 times. The results of HIIT can be seen in as low as 2 weeks as aerobic capacity is increased. It also reduced blood sugar levels and prevents the threat of diabetes. It is also good for those who want to control weight and reduce it. High-intensity interval training is a very promising exercise because most people have a tight schedule on a daily basis and taking out time for exercise is quite difficult. HIIT requires exercises in short sessions which makes it perfect for such people.

You can even perform it by buying a stationary cycle and placing it at the corner of the room. It can adapt to any activity and is convenient as well. It also reduces isolation because those who run for hours continuously get bored and isolated. The only drawback of high-intensity interval training is that it does not assist in building muscles and is not suitable for those who look forward to making muscles. Other than that it is great for almost anyone and especially for those who do not like butterflies.