The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions For 2013

With Christmas well and truly over we have entered the New Year. We survived the predicted end of the world, celebrated Christmas and saw in 2013. Almost all of us will see the New Year as a new start and 90% of us will make a new year’s resolution or two. Each year there are similar resolutions made year after year, but it is obvious the effects of the previous year affect the resolutions which we attempt to commit to on the 1st of January. Here are the most popular resolutions made this January in 2013.

Saving Money

This was the most popular resolution made this year with 25% of us deciding it was time to save for those things we always wanted. Whether we are saving for a house or simply a rainy day, it’s obvious the recession has had an effect on a lot of us with more and more people deciding to save for the future in hope for a better life.

Reducing Debt

This is another resolution that is most likely a response to the recession, 18% of us decided we wanted to reduce our debt in 2013.

New Job Or Career

16% of us have decided we had had enough of our job or career and hope to take our lives in a new direction in 2013. This is a fairly popular resolution made most years, but is a little more popular this year. It is possible that some of us feel we would be better off in terms of money if we had chosen a different career path.

Lose Weight And Improve Fitness

Since being very slim became fashionable and a huge emphasis was put on the importance of keeping fit this resolution has been popular. For 2013 11% of us have vowed to loose weight, tone up or be healthier.

Carry Out Home Improvement

Alot of us probably have loads of jobs around the home that we promised ourselves we would get done and never got round to it. This year 10% of us want to improve out homes, with a lot of us doing it in order to sell up for a little more. The most popular home improvement is to install wood flooring.

Quit Smoking

Always a popular one but more so since the stop smoking campaigns, 8% of us plan on quitting this year

Give Up Drinking

This is usually a resolution made on the 1st of January and not one thought about ahead of time. This is due to over doing it on New Year’s Eve, which I’m sure we have all done once before. 7% of us vowed never to drink again on January 1st 2013.

Spend More Time At Home/With Family

5% of us feel like we don’t spend enough time in our own homes or with our families. The festive period can often instil feelings of warmth and love and want us to feel this more by being comfortable at home or with those we love.

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