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Men Know Cars But Not Their Own Privates



A study done in the UK by Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor showed that the average British man can find his dipstick but can’t identify all of his own privates. A full 90 percent of those surveyed said that they could locate their car’s oil dipstick but only half of these men could name essential parts of their own anatomy.

The severity of the Problem

Not only is it important to note that few men can identify important parts of their anatomy but the problem is apparently fairly severe. Some men– about 1 in 12 of 1500 studied– said that at least one important piece of sexual anatomy was located in the ear.

While this is one of the more severe misunderstandings that British men might make it lends weight to the larger issue of men who don’t know enough about their own sexual health to recognize problems.

Only 52 percent of men were able to identify where in the body sperm was made and stored. However, 89 percent were certain that they could point to the radiator in a car. Dr. Tom Brett from Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor said that the attitude of the typical British male is to stick his head in the sand and ignore problems in the “embarrassing” area below the belt. This can lead to a serious lack of knowledge concerning real sexual health issues.

Problems Associated with a Lack of Understanding

Men who do not know what to call an important part of their anatomy might not actually run into any trouble. However, men who do not know what the various parts of their anatomy do can miss a potential issue. For example, one in twenty men surveyed thought that dehydration was a common symptom of a sexually transmitted infection.

Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in the UK with 426,000 men diagnosed with one in the year 2011. This is a two percent increase in the number of diagnoses since the year before. As long as men remain uninformed about the situation they will be unable to properly protect themselves.

Erectile dysfunction is another common sexual health concern which most men will experience at least once in their life. However, men are seriously undereducated about what causes erectile dysfunction. One in ten thought that hot weather and spicy food were causes of erectile dysfunction.

In fact, erectile dysfunction can be physical or psychological and come from a number of different causes. Performance problems after too much alcohol are common as well as in middle-aged or older men with heart disease or diabetes. However, a psychologically scarring sexual encounter can also cause a man’s privates to misbehave.

What’s Being Done

Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor and Men’s Health Forum teamed up to create the study. They also created a guide to sexual health for men that is aimed at education. They want men to be sufficiently informed that they can assess the severity of a problem and not wait to seek help for serious issues.