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Six Celebs Who Have Endured Plastic Surgery Disasters



In recent years, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular with many celebrities using this to their advantage to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

This has spanned over a long period of time but, with all things, there have also been a lot of mistakes and errors made.

Anything in excess can be bad for you and, over the years, an increase in ‘over-the-top’ plastic surgery has been clear. The media takes great satisfaction in reporting these errors and publicizing celebrities ruining their appearance with botched surgery, extreme makeovers, and one too many ‘nips/tucks’.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a good example of not truly understanding the finality of cosmetic surgery. The New York socialite actually decided to initially have surgery because she had discovered that her husband was cheating on her, with what she believed to be younger and more beautiful women.

Because of this, Jocelyn, who longed to be loved by her husband again, and in an attempt at reviving her youth, had her initial surgery. Jocelyn believed the procedure had worked in saving her marriage but when she discovered a few years later than her husband was indeed still being unfaithful, Jocelyn then decided to take her procedures one step further and knowing her husband had a love for the jungle and felines; made the decision to transform her appearance into that of a cat.

Nicknamed the ‘cat woman’, Jocelyn’s intentions didn’t work in her favor and her mortified husband filed for divorce. Some years later, Jocelyn decided to begin corrective surgery and has now found a new love. This story shows that not only should your surgical decisions be well thought out but also they should never be based on the actions of others.

Jackie Stallone

Possibly one of the most infamous cosmetic surgery disasters, Jackie Stallone is well known for her increasing obsession with trying to revitalize her youth through the powers of surgery.

Unfortunately for Jackie, this hasn’t worked in her favor and she has consequently ruined her appearance. At the age of 91, no one can deny that Jackie Stallone does in fact look younger than her birth certificate allows us to believe, but in saying that, just because she looks younger, doesn’t mean she looks better. In the case of Jackie Stallone, perhaps aging gracefully would have been the better option.

If plastic surgery wasn’t enough, Jackie Stallone has also had make-up tattooed onto her face. Up-close photographs reveal her tattooed eye-liner, lipstick, and lip-liner. It also appears she has even had her eyebrows etched on.

Pete Burns

Pete Burns has almost spent his entire career being addicted to plastic surgery. Burns, who has been in the spotlight since the 1980s, started his career releasing one of the most famous new romantic songs of the decade.

Following that success, Pete was never able to release a song that found success as much as his number one and has since spent the rest of his time in the spotlight being a ‘loud-mouthed opinionated plastic surgery loving spotlight dweller’. Excessive surgery on his face has completely altered his appearance and he has been the focus for many tirades as to why he destroyed his once good-looking face.

Heidi Montag

Most famous for being one of America’s original reality TV stars, Heidi Montag first shot to fame whilst a young teenager at high school on American television series Laguna Beach and later, The Hills.

Because of her overexposure to the spotlight from a young age, Heidi has dramatically ‘glammed’ up her appearance since first appearing on the show all those years ago. Heidi has since had so much cosmetic surgery both on her face and body that she is almost unrecognizable from the young girl she once was.

Montag is reported to have had up to 10 of her procedures in one day, which could have killed her. It has been reported that the nose surgery that Heidi underwent means that she now has to wear a protective cover in order to stop her nose collapsing. Heidi is still adamant that she is happy with the outcome and likes her new appearance. Heidi has been criticized by the media for encouraging girls to want a less natural image.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is without doubt one of the biggest plastic surgery advocates of the 20th century. His dramatic public transformation was visible for all to see over the course of his career.

Michael first shot to fame as a young boy as part of the Jackson 5, before starting a solo career. It seemed that for almost every album ‘Jacko’ released his appearance dramatically altered.

Jackson never did quite admit to all his procedures, but its undeniable the transformation he underwent. Michael Jackson became a person unrecognizable to himself and before his death, it was reported his nose had actually started collapsing due to the excessive amount of procedures performed on it. Jackson never did seem to understand that cosmetic surgery was meant to help him improve his appearance not ruin it.

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley shot to fame because of her former husband, Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, Priscilla soon caught the cosmetic surgery bug and her once naturally beautiful features are now somewhat deformed.

She has suffered from some poor Botox treatments, along with far too many unnecessary cosmetic surgeries, which has given her a slightly distorted looking face, lips that are too plump, a crooked smile, and cheek implants which are arguably too large making it difficult for her to even smile.

Could this have been the result of Pricilla’s daughter Lisa Marie, having publicly dated Michael Jackson? Perhaps a love for bad plastic surgery runs in the family?