Helping Health Care

Physicians are busy people. They have to see patients, recommend treatments, and run their businesses. At times, that can be quite a handful. During the course of the day, they will not only have to see and treat dozens of people, but they also have to place orders, review files, and answer questions on the telephone. A lot of questions. In fact, most if not all, clinics and doctor’s offices have to keep someone on staff just to answer the phones.

A good physician answering service, however, can handle all of the phone chores for a medical professional and help him keep his costs down because he won’t need extra staff anymore. A physician answering service can eliminate all the unnecessary time spent on the telephone, enabling a doctor and his staff to better do their jobs and provide superior care to their patients.

Calls for minor things, like directions or care questions can be handled by the service, so doctors will be better able to diagnose and attend to patients and their health care needs. Medical staff, as well, will be helped, as they can spend more time on following doctor’s orders, filling out patient paperwork, and other required tasks instead of being on the telephone.

Patients will notice shorter wait times and a higher quality of care and will appreciate the time and service their doctors can provide once they begin to employ an answering service.

Helping the Patient

Patients will get the most benefit from a physician answering service. These services will take all the minor customer calls and answer them in a timely, friendly manner which, will increase patient satisfaction and help eliminate needless trips and doctor’s appointments for them, allowing them to get the care they need when they need it, and allowing doctors to provide care to people who need their services right then.

Operators can provide callers with all the information they need and are highly trained to answer patients’ needs and be able to direct them to the best medical help for their situation. Any urgent calls or patients needing immediate care can be sent right through to the doctor or staff, allowing doctors to still provide the urgent care needed while weeding out calls that would be time consuming and wasteful for the medical staff to handle.

Some calls, for example, may only need to confirm directions or appointments or might be vendors wanting to ensure a shipment arrived, or what the best time to visit would be. An answering service will work with a client to ensure they can answer any questions the client wants them to handle and do it in a courteous and professional manner that will reflect well on their client’s business.

Helping the Physician

By taking all of the minor calls, a service helps doctors and staffs run their businesses in the best, most efficient way possible. Paperwork is finished faster, patients are seen and diagnosed faster, and the quality of the care improves with more time spent between doctor and patient. This will raise the satisfaction of both the patient and the doctor.

The patient will be happier with his service because all his worries and concerns were handled in a timely manner, and the doctor will be happier because they can give their patients the best care of their abilities. The time gained will be well spent on patients and their problems, and the office will run much better as a result.

A high quality, well-staffed physician answering service will improve both the quality of care, and the quality of life, for both the patient, and his caregivers.

Kurt Duncan is the Director of Operations of MedConnectUSA is a leading medical answering service and has been serving the healthcare industry since 1991.

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