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Natural is the Way to go for Psoriasis Sufferers



Do you suffer from psoriasis? If you do, you have scaly patches of skin and irritations throughout your body. It hurts. It looks bad. Moreover, most people have no idea what is wrong with you. Finding beauty products to hide the condition can be difficult. Sometimes, it can be downright painful, too. If you are looking for a way to boost the health of your skin, look for natural products. They provide many benefits to your skin.

The Battle Against Psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis, symptoms can be incredible. Generally, those with this condition will have white, scaly, or thickened areas of skin, which flake. The condition can lead to open sores, but most often leads to pain and discomfort. It can happen on any location of your body but it mostly tends to happen on the arms, scalp, knees, and other areas where the bone is close to the outer skin.

The problems with regular skincare and makeup products for those with this condition are numerous:

  • You cannot tolerate some products because they burn. For example, if you were to try to dye your hair with a permanent product, it would burn the open sores on your scalp incredibly.
  • Some topical products do nothing to mask the appearance. In many cases, it is not possible to use a cover-up to hide these patches of skin. There is just no way to hide it besides putting bandages over them – which is not only expensive but also really impractical.
  • Some types of chemical-based products, including makeup, suntan lotions, and moisturizers hurt. They do nothing but burn these areas and leave you struggling with the pain.

Considering this, it is clear you may need help. The first step is to get psoriasis treatment from your doctor. There are both over the counter and prescription medications that could offer some relief for you. These products encourage your skin to heal and, ultimately that creates a normal appearance and feel. This allows you to use most other types of products you may desire.

Go Natural!

Another great way to avoid the stinging pain of chemical-based products for your skin is simply to go natural. Instead of using chemical-based products, you should look to manufacturers who offer all-natural solutions. You will find manufacturers that offer makeup, sunscreens, and even tanning products that are all-natural. These are better for your skin.

  • They are less likely to cause a reaction in healthy areas of your skin, which means less concern of new patches of psoriasis showing up.
  • They are less likely to cause a burn. Since there are no chemicals in them, the very sensitive skin does not feel as though it is on fire.
  • They also may help to reduce the scales and patches. Since these areas of scabbed skin often dissipate in moist conditions, some natural products can help to encourage that to happen. They leave your skin soft enough for the scaling to stop.

Look for all types of products designed with only natural ingredients. This is the first step in gaining some control!

Topical Treatments That Can Help

If you have psoriasis symptoms, be sure you consider natural options for soothing your aching skin. Here are some recommendations for doing just that.

  • Use a gentle soap (like Dove) on your skin. It is less likely to cause rough areas.
  • Always apply moisturizers. Look for those with aloe in them because this offers more of a soothing feel that can help to prevent scales and help to get rid of dry patches.
  • For those with scalp psoriasis, there may not be anything more painful than using traditional shampoos. Instead, look for a product with coal tar in them. These have the ability to slow the proliferation of skin cells, which means less buildup of plaque on your skin. Also, consider salicylic acid shampoos for the same benefits.
  • Do use conditioners in your hair, too. The greasy-feel of most conditioners will actually help your scalp to feel good. Just use a natural or gentle variety.
  • Do not forget the sunscreen. However, look for those with moisturizers added to them.

It is no fun having psoriasis especially when your skin is inflamed and painful. Yet, with the right products, you can easily reduce some of the discomforts and even see significant improvement in the way your skin looks. For many, just getting rid of the scales for good can help them to feel better.