What Can Chiropractic Do For You?

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a branch of medical profession that deals with health problems related to musculoskeletal system and nervous system, and how these disorders affect the overall health of a person.

How does it work?

Doctors of chiropractic deal with the problems that arise from misalignment of muscles and bones. Their treatment method is based on the theory that due to the misalignment of bones of spines, many health problems arise, especially problems of nervous system. They use a natural method of promoting good health through exercise, nutrition, lifestyle changes etc.   The chiropractic doctors use a procedure called ‘spinal manipulation’ or ‘chiropractic adjustment’. They use their hands to apply a controlled force over the affected muscle to restore mobility and relieve stiffness. They believe that the human body can heal itself, and only a slight manipulation is all that is needed to cure many pains and aches.


According to chiropractic professionals, our spines suffer a lifetime of neglect, resulting in subluxations. Subluxations are distortions in body structures, which may cause stress    to joints, bones, ligament and even internal organs. The effects of subluxations may appear immediately or over a period of time. Chiropractic ensures that these subluxations do not develop in your body and your resistance to diseases remains high. And if subluxations have developed then chiropractic rids you of them.

Back pain

Many people suffer from acute or chronic back pain. Acute back pain occurs due to a sudden injury or from moving heavy object. Chronic back pain may be a result of many different factors such as bad posture, herniated disc, etc. A chiropractic doctor will first make a physical examination, take your medical history and may do some lab tests to determine whether the therapy is suitable for your back pain. The treatment plan may involve spinal adjustments using a controlled force application method.

Pinched nerves

A pinched nerve is a condition in which due to the pressure applied to its nerves, the spine gets out of alignment. It is usually caused by a sudden movement which causes spine to twist. The symptoms include stiff neck and back, pain in arms and legs. A chiropractic doctor helps in this condition by making subtle adjustments to correct the spine and relieve the nerves.


If you are suffering from a dull headache >since days, then possibilities are that it is due to inflammation of tissues. It may have been caused by poor posture or awkward sleeping position. A chiropractor may make adjustments or manipulate your neck muscles to relieve your headache and stiffness.

Effects of chiropractic on general health

People usually visit chiropractic initially for relief from back pain, but chiropractic treats a broad range of problems from back and neck pain, headaches, arthritis, pinched nerve etc. But what people usually do not know is that they do not necessarily need to have a complaint to benefit from a chiropractic visit. Because chiropractic aims to improve the overall health and focuses on preventive and wellness care.

On a typical visit, a chiropractor would ask about specific complaints. If there isn’t any, then he would inquire about the general health of the visitor, his activity and exercise regimen, diet and lifestyle etc. He would then locate the trouble spots in spine and adjust those. And   he may adjust the visitor from top to bottom, including all the joints. These ‘chiropractic adjustments’ give a sense of immediate release and movement. Thus it is a preventive therapy as well as a treatment therapy, and it is effective for people from all age groups.

Chiropractic rarely causes any discomfort or side effects, but patients may sometimes feel a mild soreness or aching of muscles after the treatment. It is normal, as with any other exercise, and soreness would go away in few hours. In many conditions, such as lower back pain, neck pain etc; chiropractic may be the primary method of treatment. However in other medical conditions, it may supplement the primary method of treatment, and deal with musculoskeletal aspect of problem.

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