The Male Sexual Mythos

The Male Sexual Mythos

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The Male Sexual MythosIn this era of mass media, it seems like everyone has a theory about male sexuality. Why do men want sex so often? Are they simply programmed to cheat?

It Starts With Testosterone

Doctors have long confirmed that men’s testosterone levels are the main factor in their sexual appetite. However, whether it’s genetics or learned behavior, modern culture seeks to know why men are the way they are. This has led to some stereotypes that are badly in need of correction.


1. Evolution

The evolutionary theory provides that men are hardwired by Mother Nature to produce as many children as possible by different women. However, evolution itself has proven that men who attach strong bonds to a single mate are more likely to successfully pass their genes on to the subsequent generations.

2. Well-Known Casanovas

History is rife with accounts of the Marquis de Sade, Casanova, and other men who spared no detail in their sexual exploits. It may help to note that these accounts are but a few in the whole scheme of the human male species. Most men, past and present, have had one long-term partner.

3. Media Influence

The media often perpetuates stereotypes of the hypersexual male. Sitcom antics, overexposure of troubled celebrities, and glamorization of sex in books and music can confirm biases, leading to the conclusion that men are only out for one thing.

4. First Hand Accounts

There are women who swear that they get hit on all the time by married men. It’s true that philanderers lurk about, but it’s incorrect to conclude that all married men are committing this behavior at all times in all places.

5. Men Cheat. Period.

While it has been shown that men are more likely to have an extramarital affair than women, they are not seeking one-night stands. Rather, they are searching for another relationship where they may hope to satisfy their needs. This is not an excuse for infidelity, but an insight into the misconception that men cheat solely for sex. When married couples communicate and seek to fulfill their partners’ needs, both men and women decrease their chances of straying.

6. Men Never Change

Sexism is not nearly as bad as it used to be. During the mid-twentieth century, most men were the breadwinners while women remained at home. Today, the majority of men have accepted and embraced women’s equality. They know that it is important for their partners to have a career, to seek personal development, and to have an equal role in the decisionmaking.

7. Testosterone Controls Men

Ultimately, men control their own minds and wills. It’s not just hormones.

With that said, hormones can impair men’s sex drives. Low testosterone levels can lead to fatigue, weight gain, and ED. Fortunately, treating ED and other effects of low testosterone can start the journey to solving sexual and relationship problems.