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A Non Smoking Campus?



Hammond’s Purdue University Calumet and Indiana University Northwest have introduced even tougher smoking laws. Already existing are bans that prevent smoking inside the university buildings including the café, classrooms, and hallways. The new, extended ban now includes the areas outside the campus like directly near the buildings and in the common ground like car parks and open space within the university. The tougher restrictions hope to make smoking as hard and inconvenient as possible and as a result decrease the number of smokers or those who may be thinking of taking the habit up. The new further ban allows smokers to smoke within their vehicles or on public council-owned areas such as the public pavement. Any other areas are not permitted to smoke in.

Wes Lukoshus, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement and University Relations commented, ‘We claim to be a tobacco-free campus. Our challenge is to enforce it.’

Anyone who is caught smoking on site will be hit with a fine of around £35 per incident. Repeat offenders will be expected to pay however many times they are caught smoking on campus. Emily Banas, Assistant Director of marketing and communications for the universities explained, ‘The UI Northwest Tobacco-Free Campus policy enables students, faculty, staff, and visitors to preserve their health by providing an environment where people can work, learn and study free from risks associated with tobacco use.’

The ban is to include students, staff, and anyone who works at the university and even day visitors.

Nicolites, the UK’s leader in supplying electronic cigarettes commented on the university decision, ‘Smoking is becoming less and less acceptable throughout the world, especially in areas where high numbers of people are mixing together where some may be smokers and some not. Electronic cigarettes are not affected by any smoking ban as they do not produce smoke.’

Many electronic cigarettes take great time and effort to make them appear similar to traditional types in look, taste, and feel. Initially this starts with the smoke hit that users feel at the back of their throat when they puff on a cigarette – this should be intense and hot. Additionally, the size, length, and weight of the electronic cigarette are considered and are manufactured to be as close to traditional cigarettes as possible.